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  1. Stalinization
  2. General Jaruzelski
  3. Truman Doctrine
  4. Maastricht Treaty
  5. Pope John Paul II
  1. a a treaty created in 1991 that set strict financial criteria for joining the proposed monetary union, with it single currency and set 1999 as the start date for its establishment.
  2. b This Polish Pope brought the world's attention to the solidarity movement of the Polish, calling for human rights. He became a hero of the Polish nation.
  3. c social process of adopting (or being forced to adopt) the policies and practices of Joseph Stalin
  4. d On 11 February 1981, Jaruzelski was elected to be the Prime Minister of Poland, and became the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party on October 18 the same year. He established martial law was in an attempt to suppress the Solidarity movement.
  5. e advocated a policy of support for "free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures"

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  1. Pact, created in 1957, that set up the European Economic Community
  2. region of Yugoslavia that had autonomy until Milosovic attempted to crush the Albanian group with ethnic cleansing; 1999 NATO used military strikes against Yugoslavia until the crisis came to an end in 1999
  3. social process of neutralizing the influence of Joseph Stalin by revising his policies and removing monuments dedicated to him and renaming places named in his honor
  4. This period began with high economic growth and soaring prosperity, but ended with a much weaker Soviet Union facing social, political, and economic stagnation. The average annual income stagnated, because needed economic reforms were never fully carried out.
  5. Czech dramatist and statesman whose plays opposed totalitarianism and who served as president of Czechoslovakia from 1989 to 1992 and president of the Czech Republic since 1993 (born in 1936)

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  1. Ethnic Groupsa common currency introduced to 11 members of the European Union in 1999. In order for Europe to become fully integrated they needed a single currency.


  2. Nationalism in the Soviet UnionThe Soviet Bloc's first independent trade union that was non-communist controlled. Tried to change things using civil resistance. Union was outlawed but the government eventually negotiated with it and later a Solidarity dominated coalition government was put in place.


  3. Reagan(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Italy, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Iceland with Canada and the US


  4. Slobodan MilosevicPresident of Serbia from 1989 to 1997 and of Yugoslavia 1997 to 2000. A key figure in the ethnic conflicts in the Balkans in the 1900's.


  5. Lech WalesaHuge state secret police formed by Ceausescu. Bloody and brutal. Killed many in the Romanian Revolution.


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