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  1. notarize
  2. boycott
  3. inference
  4. vacillate
  5. vortex
  1. a to certify or attest to the validity of a signature on a document
  2. b a logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience
  3. c center of a situation, which draws in all that surrounds it
  4. d To join others in refusing to deal with a person or group
  5. e to sway physically; to be indecisive

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  1. to hide by blending in with surroundings
  2. a writing system using picture symbols
  3. inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable
  4. to tell, reveal; to make public
  5. to steal and to use another's writings as one's own

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  1. cowerlarge, carbon-based molecule formed by monomers


  2. impertinentone who advocates, speaks for, explains, or interprets; (math) the power to which a number, symbol, or expression is to be raised


  3. jauntyto take over; to seize power


  4. loquaciousnoisy and lacking in restraint or discipline


  5. introspectionhaving or showing great excitement and interest


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