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  1. inference
  2. camouflage
  3. decorum
  4. boycott
  5. chronology
  1. a a logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience
  2. b To join others in refusing to deal with a person or group
  3. c to hide by blending in with surroundings
  4. d arrangement of events in time
  5. e proper behavior, good taste; orderliness

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  1. all-powerful; having unlimited power
  2. pretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have; insincerity
  3. to crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame
  4. cheerful and pleased with life; lighthearted; animated; easy and carefree; dapper in appearance
  5. inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense, or capable

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  1. aspirehave an ambitious plan or a lofty goal


  2. notarize(adj.) extremely strange, unusual, atypical


  3. accentuateto emphasize or stress


  4. divulgeto tell, reveal; to make public


  5. polymerto crouch or shrink away from in fear or shame


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