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Science 1.2 3 Test

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  1. Is weight and mass the same
  2. meter
  3. What is the SI unit for mass?
  4. cubic meter
  5. Centi
  1. a c
  2. b m
  3. c no weight is not the same as mass
  4. d m3
  5. e kilogram,kg

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  1. thousandth
  2. used to measure liquid and geometric shapes like a cube or sphere (solid object).
  3. Second, s
  4. meter,m
  5. n

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  1. Weighteffect of gravity pulling down on the matter in that object (pulling down on the atoms and molecules).


  2. Centihundredth


  3. Nanothe amount of matter (think of the number of atoms and molecules in something).


  4. What tools can be used to measure mass?scale


  5. Millid


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