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  1. Marc Antony
  2. Calpurnia
  3. Brutus
  1. a "O mighty Caesar! Doth thou lie so low? Are all they conquests, glories, triumohs, spoils, shrunk to this little measure?"
  2. b "Hold then my sword, and turn away thy face, while I do run upon it."
  3. c "When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes."

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  1. "As he was valiant, I honor him but, as he was ambitious, I slew him."
  2. "Shall we now contaminate our fingers with base bribes?"
  3. "He was my friend, faithful and just to me. But Brutus says hr was ambitious and Brutus was an honorable man."
  4. "This was the most unkindest cut of all."
  5. "I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him, The evil men do lives after them, the good often interred with their bones."

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  1. Caesar"But I am constant as the northern star, of whose true-fixed and resting quality there is fellow in the firmament."


  2. About Brutus"With this she fell distant, and her attendants absent, swallowed fire."


  3. Cassius"This day I breathed first. Time is come around and where I did begin, there shall I end; my life is run upon his compass."


  4. Marc Antony"Think you I am no stronger than my sex?"


  5. Caesar"Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look."


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