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  1. framing
  2. even ordinary people, who are not usually hostile, can become agents of destruction.
  3. unconditional positive regard
  4. action potential
  5. the thoughts, wishes, feelings, and memories, of which we are largely unaware.
  1. a According to Freud, the unconscious is
  2. b According to Milgram, the most fundamental lesson to be learned from his study of obedience is that
  3. c A brief electrical charge that travels down the axon of a neuron is called the
  4. d A $100 coat marked down from $150 can seem like a better deal than the same coat priced regularly at $100. This best illustrates the importance of
  5. e Carl rogers referred to an attitude of total acceptance toward another person as

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  1. Laura fails to recognize any connection between her unsafe sexual practices and the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Laura's lack of perceptiveness best illustrates the dangers of
  2. Corretta is quiet, pessimistic, anxious, and moody. In terms of the Eysencks' basic personality dimensions she would be classified as
  3. HEaring the word "rabbit" may lead people to spell the spoken work "hair" as "hare." This best illustrates the outcome of a process known as
  4. Dr. Ochoa develops tests to accurately identify the most qualified job applicants in a large manufacturing firm. Which psychological specialty does Dr. Ochoa's work best represent?
  5. Aaron cried when his mother left him in the infant nursery at church, and he was not reassured or comforted by her return a short while later. Aaron showed signs of

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  1. experimental researchSensory restriction is much more likely to hinder visual development in early infancy than during other times of life. This suggests that there is a(n) _________ for normal visual development


  2. body contactThe motor cortex is located in the ________ lobes


  3. natural selectionProfessor Ober carefully observes and records the behaviors of children in their classrooms in order to track the development of their social and intellectual skills. Professor Ober is most clearly engaged in


  4. stimulants; depressantsAmphetamines are to ________ as barbiturates are to ________.


  5. early adulthoodThe classic gate-control theory suggests that pain is experienced when small nerve fibers activate and open a neural gate in the


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