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  1. shaping
  2. Wilhelm Wundt.
  3. conformity
  4. mature and affluent
  5. cognitive dissonance
  1. a According to research by David Buss, women are most likely to be sexually attracted to men who seem
  2. b Adjusting one's behavior or thinking toward a group standard is called
  3. c Fernando's favorable attitude toward capital punishment began to change when he was asked to offer arguments opposing it in a university debate class. His attitude change is best explained by _________ theory
  4. d Alex learned how to make 3-point basketball shots by successfully making very short shots before shooting from increasingly longer distances from the hoop. This learning strategy best illustrates the process of
  5. e The first psychological laboratory was established by

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  1. The cocktail party effect provides an example of
  2. Maturation refers to
  3. Eva had difficulty recognizing that a se horse was a fish because it did not closely resemble her fish
  4. Children often learn to associate pushing a vending machine button with the delivery of a candy bar. This best illustrates the process underlying
  5. Perceiving objects as unchanging even as illumination and retinal images change is known as

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  1. parental investmentPerceiving objects as unchanging even as illumination and retinal images change is known as


  2. early adulthoodJoshua vividly recalls his feeling and what he was doing at the exact moment when he heard of his grandfather's unexpected death. This best illustrates _______ memory


  3. stimulants; depressantsAmphetamines are to ________ as barbiturates are to ________.


  4. primingHEaring the word "rabbit" may lead people to spell the spoken work "hair" as "hare." This best illustrates the outcome of a process known as


  5. memoryThe persistence of learning over time most clearly depends on


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