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  1. an external locus of control
  2. pressure, pain, warmth, and cold
  3. unstable-introverted
  4. delayed reinforcers
  5. negative
  1. a A student's choice to study at the beginning of the term for midterm exams as opposed to going to see a movie with friends best illustrates that human behavior can be influenced by
  2. b Mason, a stockbroker, runs two miles every day after work because it reduces his level of stress. Mason's running habit is maintained by a ________ reinforcer
  3. c Corretta is quiet, pessimistic, anxious, and moody. In terms of the Eysencks' basic personality dimensions she would be classified as
  4. d The sense of touch includes the four basic senstations of
  5. e Laura fails to recognize any connection between her unsafe sexual practices and the likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. Laura's lack of perceptiveness best illustrates the dangers of

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  1. Alex is suffering from Schizophrenia. This is most closely linked with excess receptor activity for the neurotransmitter
  2. Noam Chomsky suggested that all human languages share a(n)
  3. The most foolproof way of testing whether a newly introduced method of psychological therapy is truly effective is to use
  4. After he was spanked on several occasions for spilling his milk at a restaurant, Colin became afraid to go to the restaurant. In this case, spanking was a(n) _______ for Colin's fear.
  5. A brain tumor caused extensive damage to Mr. Thorndike's hypothalamus. It is most likely that he may suffer a loss of

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  1. associative learningAccording to evolutionary psychologists, our predisposition to overconsume fatty junk foods illustrates that we are biologically prepared to behave in ways that promoted the ________ of our ancestors.


  2. the perceived whole differs from the sum of its partsThe function of dendrites is to


  3. minimize any differences between groups of participants.A person's behavior is most likely to be consistent with his or her attitudes when


  4. longitudinalThe same people are retested over a long period in a ________ study


  5. learned helplessnessCompared with identical twins, fraternal twins are ________ similar in neuroticism and ________ similar in risk of divorcing.


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