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Final Exam: Gram Positives Test

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  1. Bacillus anthracis is _____-hemolytic on BAP?
  2. What is the Gram stain appearance of Erysipelothrix?
  3. What is the Gram stain appearance of Bacillus species?
  4. Bile Esculin: Negative
    Salt: Negative
  5. What tests are used to differentiate Strep species that are Beta hemolytic?
  1. a Gamma
  2. b Gram positive rod
  3. c Viridans Strep
  4. d -A Disk
  5. e Gram positive rods with spores visible

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Bacillus & Clostridium
  2. Group B Strep (S. agalactiae)
  3. Bacillus anthracis
  4. Elek Test
  5. Corynebacterium diphtheriae

5 True/False Questions

  1. P Disk (Optochin): Susceptible
    Bile Solubility: Positive
    Strep pneumococcus


  2. Corynebacterium is _____-hemolytic on BAP?Beta


  3. Arcanobacterium is _____-hemolytic on BAP?Beta


  4. Bile Esculin: Positive
    Salt: Negative
    Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus


  5. What Gram positive rod uses the Elek test to determine toxicity of the organism?Listeria


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