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  1. Bile Esculin: Positive
    Salt: Negative
  2. What is the Gram stain appearance of Lactobacillus?
  3. Which Strep species are Beta hemolytic?
  4. Which Strep species are Alpha hemolytic?
  5. What is the Gram stain appearance of Erysipelothrix?
  1. a Gram positive rods (chains)
  2. b Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
  3. c Gram positive rod
  4. d -Strep pneumococcus
    -Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
    -Viridans Strep
  5. e -Group A Strep
    -Group B Strep

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  1. Gamma
  2. Gamma
  3. Bacillus Species & Erysipelothrix
  4. Pyridoxal (vitamin B6)
  5. Gram positive coccobacilli

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  1. P Disk (Optochin): Susceptible
    Bile Solubility: Positive
    Group A Strep (S. pyogenes)


  2. What Gram positive rod is Bile Esculin (BEA) positive?Listeria


  3. Which Gram positive rod has metachromatic granules on a Methylene Blue stain?Corynebacterium diphtheriae


  4. What organisms have a positive motility at 25C?Bacillus species & Listeria


  5. What tests are used to differentiate Strep species that are Beta hemolytic?-CAMP/Hippurate
    -6.5% Salt Tolerance


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