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  1. What is the Gram stain appearance of Corynebacterium?
  2. Listeria is _____-hemolytic on BAP?
  3. Which Gram-positive rod is non-motile at 35C and motile at 25C?
  4. Which organisms form spores?
  5. Which Gram positive rod has metachromatic granules on a Methylene Blue stain?
  1. a Beta
  2. b Bacillus & Clostridium
  3. c Corynebacterium diphtheriae
  4. d Gram positive rod (Pleomorphic; "Chinese Letters")
  5. e Listeria

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  1. -Strep pneumococcus
    -Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
    -Viridans Strep
  2. -A Disk
  3. Bacillus anthracis
  4. Corynebacterium diphtheriae
  5. Beta

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  1. Which Gram positive rod produces H2S?Bacillus species & Listeria


  2. Which Gram-positive rods are motile?Erysipelothrix


  3. All Gram positive rods are catalase positive with two exceptions. What are they?Bacillus Species & Erysipelothrix


  4. Corynebacterium is _____-hemolytic on BAP?Beta


  5. CAMP/Hippurate: Positive
    Gram positive cocci
    Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus


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