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  1. Which Strep species are Gamma hemolytic?
  2. P Disk (Optochin): Susceptible
    Bile Solubility: Positive
  3. What are the names used for identifying Satelliting Strep?
  4. What tests are used to differentiate Strep species that are Gamma hemolytic?
  5. What organisms have a positive motility at 25C?
  1. a Strep pneumococcus
  2. b Listeria & Yersinia
  3. c Abiotrophia and Granulicatella
  4. d -Group B Strep
    -Group D Strep - Not Enterococcus
    -Viridans Strep
  5. e -CAMP/Hippurate
    -6.5% Salt Tolerance

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  1. Bacillus Species & Erysipelothrix
  2. Listeria
  3. Group A Strep (S. pyogenes)
  4. Enterococcus
  5. Corynebacterium diphtheriae

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  1. Corynebacterium is _____-hemolytic on BAP?Gamma


  2. Immunodiffusion test; line of precipitation forms in test agar when diphtheria toxin interacts with diphtheria toxinElek Test


  3. What is the Gram stain appearance of Bacillus species?Gram positive rods with spores visible


  4. What is the Gram stain appearance of Erysipelothrix?Gram positive coccobacilli


  5. What Gram positive rod is Hippurate/CAMP positive?Bacillus species & Listeria


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