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  1. Dutchification
  2. Charles Town
  3. Dominion of New England
  4. Bartolome de Las Casas
  5. Deganawidah and Hiawatha
  1. a Spaniard who fought for Native American rights.
  2. b the traits and culture of the Dutch being imprinted into the young minds of the English Separatists
  3. c 1686 James II reorganized New England. Sent Edmund Andros to take charge. Governed w/ an appointive council and superior court
  4. d two leaders who founded the Iroquois Confederacy in the late 1500s
  5. e The busiest seaport in the south, had a lot of religious toleration

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  1. Belief that the Spanish only killed, tortured, and stole in the Americas while doing nothing good
  2. aztec emperor invaded by hernando cortes and his forces
  3. (1200-1521) 1300, they settled in the valley of Mexico. Grew corn. Engaged in frequent warfare to conquer others of the region. Worshipped many gods (polytheistic). Believed the sun god needed human blood to continue his journeys across the sky. Practiced human sacrifices and those sacrificed were captured warriors from other tribes and those who volunteered for the honor.
  4. Archbishop of Canterbury, denied Puritans the right to publish and preach in 1630, was executed in 1645
  5. He founded Rhode Island for separation of Church and State. He believed that the Puritans were too powerful and was ordered to leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony for his religious beliefs.

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  1. Iroquois Confederacya powerful group of Native Americans in the eastern part of the United States made up of five nations: the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondoga, and Oneida


  2. Henry HudsonEnglish king who created the Church of England after the Pope refused to annul his marriage (divorce with Church approval)


  3. William and MaryArchbishop of Canterbury, denied Puritans the right to publish and preach in 1630, was executed in 1645


  4. John CalvinFrenchman, founded Calvinism in Geneva... religious reformer


  5. law of primogeniturestates that inheritance gets passed onto the eldest son from the father; includes land


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