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  1. Inca
  2. Maya
  1. a Developed a system of numbers.
  2. b stone monuments and pyramids - heights up to 200 feet

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  1. 1200 AD
  2. Believed human sacrifices were necessary to please the gods.
  3. All their land belongs to the Emperor, who is believed to be a descendant of the sun god.
  4. they were a theocracy, a society ruled by religious leaders.
  5. Because they thought that the sun god enjoyed displays of gold, they made magnificent gold jewelry and temple ornaments.

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  1. MayaThey built special cities devoted only to religious ceremonies. One such city is Machu Picchu1


  2. Incalargest early American civilation


  3. Inca300 - 900 AD


  4. MayaNo vehicles or horses, everything was carried, network of roads


  5. MayaBelieved the gods were visible in stars, sun and moon


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