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  1. Inca
  2. Maya
  3. Aztec
  1. a Population of nine million
  2. b They were the most important military empire
  3. c Largest city was Tikal

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  1. Because they thought that the sun god enjoyed displays of gold, they made magnificent gold jewelry and temple ornaments.
  2. No vehicles or horses, everything was carried, network of roads
  3. believed the gods controlled everything on earth
  4. Developed hieroglyphs
  5. Many stone towers

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  1. MayaAll their land belongs to the Emperor, who is believed to be a descendant of the sun god.


  2. Incatemples on top of pyramids


  3. Maya300 - 900 AD


  4. AztecThey drained the lake Texcoco and built a city


  5. Aztectemples on top of pyramids


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