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  1. Maya
  2. Aztec
  3. Inca
  1. a Wood structures
  2. b Present day Mexico, Gautemala, Honduras, and Belize
  3. c Although mountainous land is not well suited for farming, they devised ways to produce a steady supply of food. They cut terraces, or broad platforms, into steep slopes so they could plant crops. They built stone walls on the terraces to hold the soil and plants in place. Their farmers grew maize, squash, tomatoes, peanuts, chili peppers, melons, cotton, and potatoes.

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  1. Believed human sacrifices were necessary to please the gods.
  2. Because they thought that the sun god enjoyed displays of gold, they made magnificent gold jewelry and temple ornaments.
  3. Many waterways
  4. Buildings rose up from water
  5. New farming techniques

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  1. Maya10,000 miles of stone paved roads, rope bridges, and stone walls.


  2. MayaBelieved the gods were visible in stars, sun and moon


  3. AztecThey were the most important military empire


  4. IncaThey built special cities devoted only to religious ceremonies. One such city is Machu Picchu1


  5. Mayapakil, five types of pyramids


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