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  1. right salpingo-oophorectomy
  2. oliguria
  3. brachytherapy
  4. gynecology
  5. hematuria
  1. a scanty, diminished capacity to pass urine
  2. b blood in the urine
  3. c removal of right fallopian tube and right ovary
  4. d branch of medicine concerned with diseases of female reproductive organs and the breast
  5. e treatment of prostate cancer involving radioactive seed implants

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  1. removal of lump only, and usually followed by radiation
  2. process of giving birth
  3. BUN
  4. removal of both breasts
  5. woman who has given birth to one or more viable infants

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  1. dystociadifficult, bad, painful urination


  2. Estimated Due DateEDC


  3. anuriaabsence of urine output or production


  4. Suprapubic prostatectomyonly uterus is removed, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes remain


  5. gestationlength of time from conception to birth


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