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  1. menarche
  2. Digital rectal exam
  3. TUMT
  4. last menstrual period
  5. hematuria
  1. a blood in the urine
  2. b use of microwaves to treat BPH
  3. c DRE
  4. d LMP
  5. e females first menstrual period

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  1. voiding at frequent intervals
  2. absence of urine output or production
  3. removal of both breasts
  4. branch of medicine that manages the health of a woman and fetus during pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium
  5. common drug used to treat UTI caused by Ecoli

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  1. TURPsurgical excision through the urethra to treat BPH


  2. multigravidapregnant woman


  3. puerperiumincontinence


  4. parasurgical excision through the urethra to treat BPH


  5. Blood Urea NitrogenBUN


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