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  1. TURP
  2. gestation
  3. dysuria
  4. Estimated Due Date
  5. bilateral mastectomy
  1. a EDC
  2. b surgical excision through the urethra to treat BPH
  3. c length of time from conception to birth
  4. d removal of both breasts
  5. e difficult, painful urination

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  1. voiding at frequent intervals
  2. removal of the entire breast plus most of the axillary lymph nodes, but not the pectoral muscle tissue
  3. painful intercourse
  4. removal of lump only, and usually followed by radiation
  5. common drug used to treat UTI caused by Ecoli

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  1. subtotal hysterectomyonly uterus is removed, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes remain


  2. menarchedifficult, bad, painful menstruation


  3. parturitionlength of time from conception to birth


  4. bladder neck obstructioncondition that may occur with an enlarged prostate


  5. gravidapregnant woman


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