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  1. enuresis
  2. dysuria
  3. dystocia
  4. hesitancy
  5. total (complete) hysterectomy
  1. a difficult, bad, painful urination
  2. b uterus and cervix removed but ovaries and fallopian tubes remain
  3. c incontinence
  4. d difficult, bad, painful childbirth
  5. e involuntary delay in initiating urine

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  1. EDC
  2. removal of entire breast without removal of muscle or lymph nodes
  3. removal of lump only, and usually followed by radiation
  4. difficult, bad, painful menstruation
  5. process of giving birth

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  1. nocturiafrequent urination after bedtime


  2. oliguriafrequent urination after bedtime


  3. dyspareuniadifficult, bad, painful urination


  4. Ciprowoman who has given birth to one or more viable infants


  5. menarchewoman who has given birth to one or more viable infants


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