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  1. brachytherapy
  2. oliguria
  3. TULIP
  4. para
  5. cystitis
  1. a use of high-beam lasers to treat BPH
  2. b treatment of prostate cancer involving radioactive seed implants
  3. c scanty, diminished capacity to pass urine
  4. d woman who has given birth to one or more viable infants
  5. e inflammation of the bladder

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  1. involuntary delay in initiating urine
  2. frequent urination after bedtime
  3. uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries removed
  4. LMP
  5. difficult, bad, painful urination

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  1. subtotal hysterectomyremoval of both breasts


  2. TUMTsurgical excision through the urethra to treat BPH


  3. dysuriaabsence of urine output or production


  4. total (complete) hysterectomyuterus and cervix removed but ovaries and fallopian tubes remain


  5. dysmenorrheafemales first menstrual period


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