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  1. dysuria
  2. bladder neck obstruction
  3. right salpingo-oophorectomy
  4. gravida
  5. hesitancy
  1. a removal of right fallopian tube and right ovary
  2. b difficult, bad, painful urination
  3. c pregnant woman
  4. d involuntary delay in initiating urine
  5. e condition that may occur with an enlarged prostate

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  1. branch of medicine concerned with diseases of female reproductive organs and the breast
  2. period of 42 days after childbirth
  3. removal of entire breast without removal of muscle or lymph nodes
  4. only uterus is removed, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes remain
  5. LMP

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  1. lumpectomyremoval of lump only, and usually followed by radiation


  2. parturitionlength of time from conception to birth


  3. Modified radical mastectomyremoval of the entire breast plus most of the axillary lymph nodes, but not the pectoral muscle tissue


  4. Suprapubic prostatectomyexcision of the prostate above the pelvic region


  5. Blood Urea NitrogenBUN


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