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  1. Ulnar Loop
  2. Apocrine Gland
  3. Plastic Prints
  4. Whorl
  5. Silver Nitrate
  1. a opens towards the pinky
  2. b react with chlorides to form silver chloride, a material which turns gray when exposed to light
  3. c A plain or central pocket whorl have at least one ridge that makes a complete circuit. A double loop is made of two loops and an accidental is not covered by other categories.
  4. d secrete cytoplasm and nuclear materials
  5. e Ridge impressions left on a soft material such as putty, wax, soap, or dust.

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  1. The blood vessel patterns may be unique to individuals. They are used for today various security purposes.
  2. must have one or more ridges entering and exiting from the same side it began. Types are Radial and Ulnar
  3. Made by fingers touching a surface after the ridges have been in contact with a colored material such as blood, paint, grease, or ink.
  4. fumes react with oils and fats to produce a temporary yellow brown reaction. Iodine crystals sublime (go directly from solid to vapor).
  5. the study of fingerprints

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  1. Alphonse Bertillondeveloped the first truly organized system of identifying individuals in 1883


  2. Archhas friction ridges that enter on one side of the finger and cross to the other side while rising upward in the middle


  3. Eccrine Glandsecrete cytoplasm and nuclear materials


  4. BiometricsFoot Prints are taken at birth as a means of identification for infants.


  5. Palmslines can be identified and may be used against suspects


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