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  1. Ulnar Loop
  2. Silver Nitrate
  3. Loop
  4. Ninhydrin
  5. Footprints
  1. a must have one or more ridges entering and exiting from the same side it began. Types are Radial and Ulnar
  2. b Foot Prints are taken at birth as a means of identification for infants.
  3. c react with chlorides to form silver chloride, a material which turns gray when exposed to light
  4. d opens towards the pinky
  5. e fumes react with oils and fats to produce a temporary yellow brown reaction. Iodine crystals sublime (go directly from solid to vapor).

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  1. admitted to Leavenworth Penitentiary, same as William West, another prisoner who had the same appearance and Bertillon measurements
  2. established the idea of individuality and permanence of fingerprints
  3. that are "hidden" and are not visible to the naked eye. These prints consist only of the natural secretions of human skin and require treatment to cause them to become visible.
  4. display one of five common patterns: Short Vertical Lines, Long Vertical Lines, Rectangular Lines that may criss-cross, Diamond, and Branching
  5. first person be convicted using fingerprints in the US

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  1. Visible PrintsMade by fingers touching a surface after the ridges have been in contact with a colored material such as blood, paint, grease, or ink.


  2. Brandon Mayfieldwas accused of Madrid bombings but fingerprint evidence acquitted him


  3. Archhas friction ridges that enter on one side of the finger and cross to the other side while rising upward in the middle


  4. Juan Vucetich (1858-1925)an Argentinian police officer, researched the science of fingerprints, corresponded with Galton, then devised his own system of fingerprint classification.


  5. Francesca Rojasfirst person to be convicted using fingerprints


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