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  1. transpiration
  2. vascular cambium
  3. cork cambium
  4. phloem
  5. adhesion
  1. a the process by which evaporation at the leaf surface pulls water up the tree through xylem
  2. b produces new xylem and phloem in stems
  3. c refers to the bonding of water to xylem walls (xylem=polysaccharide of glucose)
  4. d vascular tissue responsible for the transport of nutrients and the carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis, alive& composed of sieve tubes with a continuous stream of cytoplasm
  5. e produces outer protective layer of the bark

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  1. plant hormone that diffuses down from the shoot tip meristem to stimulate cell growth and elongation
  2. the conducting strands in phloem
  3. the flow of water into roots at roots hairs that builds up pressure, causing upward movement at night that is significant in smaller plants (eventually opposed by gravity)
  4. increase in plant DIAMETER
  5. Specialized cells to conduct water, key cells in xylem with vessel elements.

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  1. photoperiodisma plant's response to seasonal changes in length of night and day


  2. translocationthe process of moving sugars through phloem


  3. day-neutral plantplant that blooms in response to temperature, water, etc. and not night/day i.e. desert plants, rainforests


  4. cytokininany of a class of plant hormones that promote cell division and delay the senescence of leaves; affects growth of root system


  5. heartwoodcharacterized by dark color due to densely packed xylem produced in the summertime


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