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  1. cohesion-tension theory
  2. cohesion
  3. auxin
  4. annual rings
  5. phloem
  1. a refers to the hydrogen-bonding between water molecules to make a chain of water from leaf to roots
  2. b vascular tissue responsible for the transport of nutrients and the carbohydrates produced by photosynthesis, alive& composed of sieve tubes with a continuous stream of cytoplasm
  3. c theory that explains how the physical properties of water allow it to move through the xylem of plants due to evaporation
  4. d plant hormone that diffuses down from the shoot tip meristem to stimulate cell growth and elongation
  5. e consist of less densely packed, light-colored spring wood, alternating with densely packed, dark-colored summer wood (made of xylem- phloem always made new annually)

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  1. plant cells with unevenly thickened primary cell walls that are alive at maturity and that function to support the growing stem
  2. Day with the most hours of sunlight and the fewest hours of darkness (June 22)
  3. produces new xylem and phloem in stems
  4. phloem moves sugars from where they are made to where they are needed. This can be referred to as movement from ______ to _______
  5. water always moves from areas of high concentration to low- created by high solute concentration and/or low pressure

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  1. gravitotropisminclination to for plants to grow towards gravity
    -negative in shoots (upward growth)
    -positive in roots (downward growth)


  2. winter solsticeDecember 22, when the sun is at its southernmost point


  3. phototropismgrowth influence in plants by touch, i.e. vines curling around tree trunks


  4. ethylenethe woody part of plants: the supporting and water/nutrient-conducting tissue, consisting primarily of tracheids and vessels. dead cells at maturity, fused end to end with perforations between


  5. photoperiodisma plant's response to seasonal changes in length of night and day


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