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  1. xylem
  2. apical meristem
  3. adhesion
  4. primary growth
  5. lateral meristem
  1. a the woody part of plants: the supporting and water/nutrient-conducting tissue, consisting primarily of tracheids and vessels. dead cells at maturity, fused end to end with perforations between
  2. b a meristem that thickens the roots and shoots of woody plants, contributing to secondary growth i.e. vascular cambium and cork cambium
  3. c refers to the bonding of water to xylem walls (xylem=polysaccharide of glucose)
  4. d embryonic plant tissue in the tips of roots and in the buds of shoots that supplies cells for the plant to grow in length
  5. e increase in plant LENGTH

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  1. plant hormone that diffuses down from the shoot tip meristem to stimulate cell growth and elongation
  2. the growth response of a plant toward or away from a stimulus
  3. small extensions of the roots which actively transport nutrients, causing water to come in passively. maximize surface area for absorption
  4. produces new xylem and phloem in stems
  5. the dead in center of a tree

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  1. xylem sapthe solution of water and minerals that accumulates in the root xylem and flows through xylem vessels in a plant


  2. meristematic tissueDecember 22, when the sun is at its southernmost point


  3. sclerenchymaplant cells with very thick primary and secondary cell walls fortified with lignin


  4. pressure-flow theorytheory that explains how the physical properties of water allow it to move through the xylem of plants due to evaporation


  5. translocationthe process of moving sugars through phloem


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