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  1. clomipramine
  2. pilocarpine
  3. ephedrine
  4. hydrocodone
  5. atropine
  1. a Clomicalm (vet label for separation anxiety in dogs) behavior drug acts on serotonin TCA (tricyclic anti-depressant) for separation anxiety compulsive disorder fear aggression and urine marking may cause sedation at first, high HR dry mouth, urine retention, and constipation liver and kidney values monitored by blood tests
  2. b an anticholinergic AKA parasympatholytic preasnesthetic to decrease bradycardia chance and salivation antidote for organophosphate toxicity
  3. c a direct acting cholinergic AKA parasypathomimetic eye drops glaucoma TX constricts pupil and lowers aqueous humor production to decrease IOP
  4. d an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic bronchodilator
  5. e Hycodan and Tussigon for antitussive controlled

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  1. Reglan a direct acting cholinergic AKA parasympathomimetic controls vomiting promotes gastric emptying
  2. Domitor an adrenergic alpha 2 agonist AKA sympathomimetic can cause low HR, BP, and AV block for sedation, analgesia for minor procedures, emesis, chemical restraint, and short term anesthesia when combod off market (dex now)
  3. Neosynephrine an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic topical nasal vasoconstrictor to decrease nasal secretions (nosebleeds)
  4. for emesis place in conjunctival sac
  5. indirect acting cholinergic AKA parasympatomimetic in some insecticides can be toxic when used improperly or on debilitated animals

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  1. lorazepamTelazol when combined with tiletamine to induce anesthesia


  2. dobutaminean adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic short term for heart failure


  3. norepinephrineadrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter increases HR and CO constricts blood vessels in skin and MM dilates bronchioles


  4. pentazocineTalwin partial agonist used in horses for analgesia controlled


  5. diazepamValium a benzodiazepine tranquilizer light sensitive controlled drug can absorb into IV bag cats can experience rare liver DX also to stop seizure in progress and stimulate appetite in cats used with ketamine to induce anesthesia


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