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  1. benzodiaepines for behavior:
  2. ketamine HCl
  3. pentazocine
  4. propofol
  5. midazolam
  1. a Propoflo and Rapinovet very short acting anesthetic/hypnotic rapid and smooth anesthesia emulsion of soybean oil, glycerol, egg, and lechtin no preservatives use w/in 6 hours only milky IV drug allowed "milk of amnesia" good for sight hounds and patients w/ arrhythmias unlike thiopental not controlled yet can cause apnea if given too fast new propofol 28 clear not milky good for 28 days
  2. b increase GABA in brain tranquilizers for fears and phobias used for separation anxiety w/other meds to reduce panic think situation anxiety take as needed OD = dangerous CNS depression >10% dogs get excited
  3. c dissociative agent blocks NMDA receptors in brain for anesthesia (not surgical plane) may produce catalepsy(rigid muscles), twithching, dry eye, salivation, convulsions, and hallucinations anesthesia, analgesia, and amnesia often combined w/ sedative like diazepam to decrease catalepsy and deepen anesthesia eyes stay open eye lube! good outer (somatic) analgesia but not visceral (organs) for sedation, restraint, controlled
  4. d Versed a benzodiazepine tranquilizer light sensitive controlled drug can absorb into IV bag cats can experience rare liver DX
  5. e Talwin partial agonist used in horses for analgesia controlled

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  1. Hycodan and Tussigon for antitussive controlled
  2. Xanax a benzodiazepine tranquilizer light sensitive controlled drug can absorb into IV bag cats can experience rare liver DX
  3. an alpha blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic a phenothiazine tranquilizer/sedative blocks dopamine for situational anxiety can cause low BP, hypothermia, and vasodilation d/t alpha antagonism no analgesia effects reduced on fearful/excited animal
  4. Proin an adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic TX urinary incontinence in spayed female dogs targets a1 receptors in internal urethral sphincter
  5. Narcan (also naltrexone) reverse opioids

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  1. ephedrineadrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter increases HR and CO constricts blood vessels in skin and MM dilates bronchioles


  2. dobutaminean adrenergic agonist AKA sympathomimetic short term for heart failure


  3. fentanylDuragesic opioid agonist transdermal patch or injectable controlled for analgesia


  4. paroxetineReconcile (vet label for separation anxiety in dogs) and Prozac SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) more serotonin specific than TCA's so fewer side effects for separation anxiety, aggression, compulsive disorder, phobias, and urine marking may cause anorexia or decreased appetite(common in Reconcile) lethargy at first, urine and stool retention, liver and kidney value blood testing needed


  5. T-61nonarcotic nonbarbiturate euthanasia solution w/ general and local anesthetic and a muscle paralyzer can cause muscle twitching, delayed death if injected perivascular


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