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  1. midazolam
  2. norepinephrine
  3. atenolol
  4. doxapram
  5. guiafenesin or glyceral guaiacolate (GG)
  1. a Dopram a CNS stimulant for respiratory distress like in neonates after C-section, during or after anesthesia, or CPR given IV or sublingually
  2. b skeletal muscle relaxant in horses affects connecting neurons of spinal cord and brain stem used w/ anesthetics also an expectorant
  3. c a beta blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic lower HR and BP
  4. d adrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter raises BP
  5. e Versed a benzodiazepine tranquilizer light sensitive controlled drug can absorb into IV bag cats can experience rare liver DX

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  1. behavior drug acts on serotonin TCA (tricyclic anti-depressant) for separation anxiety compulsive disorder fear aggression and urine marking may cause sedation at first, high HR dry mouth, urine retention, and constipation liver and kidney values monitored by blood tests
  2. Telazol when combined with tiletamine to induce anesthesia
  3. indirect acting cholinergic AKA parasympatomimetic in some insecticides can be toxic when used improperly or on debilitated animals
  4. for emesis place in conjunctival sac
  5. Talwin partial agonist used in horses for analgesia controlled

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  1. phenobarbitalSleepaway, Fatal Plus, Socumb, Beuthanasia-D Special short acting oxybarbiturate controlled for euthanasia can cause muscle twitching, delayed death if injected perivascular


  2. albuterola beta blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic lower HR and BP


  3. phenylephrineadrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter increases HR and CO constricts blood vessels in skin and MM dilates bronchioles


  4. propanololPropoflo and Rapinovet very short acting anesthetic/hypnotic rapid and smooth anesthesia emulsion of soybean oil, glycerol, egg, and lechtin no preservatives use w/in 6 hours only milky IV drug allowed "milk of amnesia" good for sight hounds and patients w/ arrhythmias unlike thiopental not controlled yet can cause apnea if given too fast new propofol 28 clear not milky good for 28 days


  5. tiletamineTolazine an alpha blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic reversal for xylazine reverses analgesia too!


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