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  1. neuroleptanalgesia
  2. guiafenesin or glyceral guaiacolate (GG)
  3. megestrol acetate
  4. opium
  5. paroxetine
  1. a Ovaban synthetic progestin last ditch effort for urine marking and intraspecies aggression can cause diabetes mellitus in cats (DM), PU/PD, weight gain, personalty changes, endometrial and/or mammary hyperplasia, and mammary neoplasia
  2. b naturally occuring from poppy plant antidiarrheal controlled
  3. c ace/torb, ace/buprenex, dex/hydromorphone
  4. d Paxil SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) more serotonin specific than TCA's so fewer side effects for separation anxiety, aggression, compulsive disorder, phobias, and urine marking may cause anorexia or decreased appetite, lethargy at first, urine and stool retention, liver and kidney value blood testing needed
  5. e skeletal muscle relaxant in horses affects connecting neurons of spinal cord and brain stem used w/ anesthetics also an expectorant

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  1. for emesis place in conjunctival sac
  2. behavior drug acts on serotonin TCA (tricyclic anti-depressant) for separation anxiety compulsive disorder fear aggression and urine marking may cause sedation at first, high HR dry mouth, urine retention, and constipation liver and kidney values monitored by blood tests
  3. Duramorph naturally occurring mu agonist for analgesia controlled
  4. an anticholinergic AKA parasympatholytic preanesthetic like atropine but lasts longer and only marginally crosses placenta so good for C-sections
  5. Rompun or Anased an adrenergic alpha 2 agonist AKA sympathomimetic sedative for horses in colic pain, floating teeth, hoof trims can cause low RR, HR, BP, and AV block (most arhythmogenic) for sedation, analgesia, emesis, chemical restraint, and short term anesthesia when combod w/ ketamine for sutures and castration cattle only need 1/10 dose

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  1. T-61a beta blocker AKA adrenergic antagonist AKA sympatholytic eye drops prevent glaucoma in contralateral eye by decreasing aqueous humor production


  2. bethanocolUrecholine a direct acting cholinergic AKA parasypathomimetic gi and urinary tract atony TX stimulates smooth muscle contraction


  3. isofluraneIsoflo and Florane PURPLE low blood:gas solubility = faster induction and recovery than methoxy and halothane vapor pressure similar to halothane odor MAC between halo and sevo no preservative fewest cardiac effects almost all metabolized by lings good muscle relaxant


  4. hydrocodoneDilaudid like oxymorphone but less expensive and less potential to excite cats for pre-med and analgesia, can cause hyperthermia in cats


  5. phenylephrineadrenergic catecholamine neurotransmitter increases HR and CO constricts blood vessels in skin and MM dilates bronchioles


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