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  1. if relative permeability of sodium increases by 5x, what would be the expected result?
  2. auditory pathway from hair cell to primary auditory cortex
  3. sensory neurons
  4. synotxin
  5. sound frequency
  1. a - innervate skin and muscle
    - soma is in the dorsal root ganglion of the spinal cord at each level
    - afferent
  2. b 1. hair cells of the basilar membrane
    2. brain stem neurons fire aps
    3. MGN thalamic neurons fire aps
    4. auditory cortex neurons fire aps
  3. c - phase locking: consistent firing of cell at same sound wave phase
    - neurons fire in phase with some point of the sound wave
    - either at the peak, valley, or inbetween, but it is constant for that neuron
    - indicated by the ap firing rate
  4. d - keeps Ca2+ channel closed so that Ca2+ is where it needs to be
  5. e - increased outward K flux through voltage gate ion channels
    - increase depolarization

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  1. - slower but long lasting widespread effect
  2. - in scala media
    - hi K concentration
    - bathes stereocilia of hair cells
    - inward K+ flux leads to depolarization
  3. - a drug or compund that mimics the action of the naturally occuring NT
  4. - midbrian
  5. - has the sensory receptor
    - innervates skin by right & left dorsal roots of a single spinal segment

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  1. interneurons- another name for an association neuron


  2. efferent neurons- carry information into the cns
    - incoming


  3. postsynaptic potentials- the change in membrane voltage caused by Ach
    - membrane must be depolarized to threshold to initiate an ap
    - each quantum causes 1mV deoplarization of membrane
    - EPSP or IPSP


  4. ependymal cells- line ventricles with in the brain


  5. sacal media- bounded by basilar & ressner's membranes
    - has endolymph fluid


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