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  1. postsynaptic potentials
  2. somatic motor system
  3. auditory pathway from hair cell to primary auditory cortex
  4. nerst equestion
  5. astereoagnosia
  1. a 1. hair cells of the basilar membrane
    2. brain stem neurons fire aps
    3. MGN thalamic neurons fire aps
    4. auditory cortex neurons fire aps
  2. b - inability to reognize something by touch
    - but recognize by sight
  3. c - motor neurons synapse directly on muscle or glands
    - release Ach
    - PNS
  4. d - the change in membrane voltage caused by Ach
    - membrane must be depolarized to threshold to initiate an ap
    - each quantum causes 1mV deoplarization of membrane
    - EPSP or IPSP
  5. e - calculates the exact value of the equilibrium potential for each ion in mV

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  1. - dorsal column-medial leminiscus pathway
    - spinothalamic pathway
  2. - in secondary cortex
    - when damaged patients cannot understand speech because the sounds or out of order
  3. - calculate equilibrium potential
  4. - a drug or compund that inhibits the action of the naturally occuring NT
  5. - amine, "-ine" or "-in"
    - amino acids, starts with "g" & aspartate
    - peptides, everything else

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  1. scale tympani- bounded by basilar & ressner's membranes
    - has endolymph fluid


  2. antidromic- inability to recognize objects, including your own body part
    - injury caused neglect syndrome
    - astereoagnosia


  3. metabrotrophic- slower but long lasting widespread effect


  4. push pull method- m gate closed


  5. interaural intensity difference- encoded by rate of firing and # of active neurons
    - the greater the amplitude wave, the greater distance along basilar membrane that moves - activate more hair cells and more SGNs


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