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  1. second order neurons
  2. 2 ways to increas ap propagation
  3. goldman
  4. g-protein coupled receptors
  5. g-protein process
  1. a 1. binding of the neurotransmitter to the receptor protein
    2. activation of g protein
    3. activation of effector syndrome
    - can inhibit or activate downstream molecules to increase or decrease levels of second messengers
  2. b 1. increase internal diameter of axons which decreases the internal resistance to ion flow
    2. increase the resistance of the plasma membrane to charge flow by insulating it with myelin
  3. c 1. NT binds to meabrotrophic receptor
    2. metabrotrophic receptor splits g-protein into 2 halves (alpha and betagamma)
    3. to halves go different ways to affect different proteins, enymes, molecules, ect.
  4. d - aka interneurons
    - gets information from the primary & can project info or modify locally activity of primary neurons
    - recieve synaptic input form DRG neurons
    - reside in dorsal horn and trigger reflex responses
    - also aascend to brainstem & thalamus
    - also reside in brain stem & are involved in perception
  5. e - calculate membrane potential

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  1. - motor control
    - neurons control voluntary movement
  2. - summing of all IPSP and EPSP to determine if threshold has been met for AP generation
    - based on temporal & spatial summation
  3. - used to calculate membrane potential
    - assumes that electrical field of the membrane potential is equal across the span of the membrane
  4. - in secondary cortex
    - when damaged patients cannot understand speech because the sounds or out of order
  5. - long preganglionic fibers synapse in ganglia close to or in the innervated organ
    - short postganglionic fibers
    - innervates smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, gland cells
    - preganglionic; Ach
    - postganglionic; Ach

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  1. amine- end in "-ine" or "-in"
    - made in axon terminus (synaptic vesicles)
    - DA, ACh, histanine


  2. Sodium Channel- triggered be depolarization (has a voltage gate)
    - reverse polarity
    - refractory period (inactivation gate)
    - m gate
    - h gate


  3. somatic motor system- motor neurons synapse directly on muscle or glands
    - release Ach
    - PNS


  4. changes in ion permeability- m gate closed


  5. scale tympani- compartment connected to round window
    - has perilymph fluid


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