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  1. Anxiety
  2. Psychological adaptive behaviors
  3. Dysthymic disorder
  4. Domestic Abuse: Phase II "Acute Battering" (MAN)
  5. Implementation-Stress (3)
  1. a Trigger event is either internal or external
    Battering occurs privately
    Threaten more harm if partner tries to get help
    Tries to justify behavior
    Minimizes the severity
    Stress is relieved
  2. b Neurochemical, physical,
    Emotional responses
  3. c learn skills that reduce physiological response to stress.
    Regular exercise, support systems, muscle relaxation, cognitive therapy, assertiveness training, stress management in the workplace.
  4. d Compensation, Conversion, Denial, Displacement
    Identification, Dissociation, Regression
  5. e Condition of chronicity
    Symptoms lasting 2 years or more
    Depressed mood more than happy mood.

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  1. _______ are disruptive forces, events affect us professionally, Stimulates thinking processes
    Can provide stimulation and motivation
    Can cause discomfort and retreat
  2. a behavior or activity to change or manage a situation that the person feels is potentially harmful or dangerous.
    Adaptive and recovery of health. Palliative or temporary relief.
  3. Lag time before symptoms improve
    Monitor for increased suicidal tendencies
    Monitor for cheeking and hoarding
    Monitor vital signs
    Observe for signs of early toxicity
    Monitor sexual side effects of SSRIs
    Be aware of drug-drug and drug-food interactions
  4. Recognize clues to abuse in assessment
    Provide privacy for interview
    Convey that others are willing to help
    Reiterate survivor did not cause or deserve abuse
    Convey survivor has worth, dignity
    Acknowledge fear, ambivalence
    Do not rush or coerce; support trials of counseling
  5. Loss of a parent
    Death of another individual close to child
    Death of a pet
    Moving to a new city and or neighborhood
    Academic problems or failure
    Significant physical illness or injury

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  1. Process of AnxietyStressor, Anxiety, Coping


  2. Key Factors in DepressionAppetite disturbance/weight change
    Sleep disturbance
    Psychomotor disturbance
    Fatigue or loss of energy
    Indecision/poor concentration
    Recurrent thoughts of death/suicide


  3. Examples of stress related problems includeAnxiety, Care giver role strain, Compromised family coping, Ineffective coping, Fear, Chronic pain, Post-trauma syndromes.


  4. Domestic Abuse: Honeymoon: Stage III
    is loving, charming, begging for forgiveness, making promises.
    Truly believes it will never happen again.


  5. Factors influencing the response to stressIntensity, Scope, Duration, Amount,Predictability
    Characteristics of the person that influence the response, Level of control, feeling competent, cognitive appraisal and number of supports available.


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