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  1. Steering Committee
  2. Caucuses
  3. Congressional Record
  4. Seniority Rule
  5. Bicameral
  1. a provides guidance, direction and control to a project within Congress
  2. b new term, informal groups of individuals in the House and Senate who organize along a pol ideaology, advocacy, issue
  3. c however long a person has served in either the House or Senate; can help with Memberships
  4. d word for word record of everything said on floor of House and Senate; things can be added in afterward, marked by a "."
  5. e federal gov and state gov have 2 House Representatives

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  1. largest number of votes received by a candidate
  2. vote trading
  3. 2 Sessions: starts Jan 3rd, ends whenever they want
  4. courts looked at the plans of states for redrawing boundary lines
  5. told can't do something

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  1. Franking Privilegepermanent committee, 19 in the House ans 17 in the Senate


  2. Wesberry vs. Sanders (1964)told Congress to make guidelines for redrawing boundary lines


  3. Excise Taxtax on sale or consumption of a product


  4. Resolutionpassed by both the House and Senate


  5. Standing Committeeprovides guidance, direction and control to a project within Congress


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