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  1. President Pro Tem
  2. Majority/Minority Leader
  3. Seniority Rule
  4. Select/Special Committee
  5. Excise Tax
  1. a lead party on the floor, organize members for voting
  2. b temporary committees to deal with specific issues not covered by other committees
  3. c however long a person has served in either the House or Senate; can help with Memberships
  4. d tax on sale or consumption of a product
  5. e paid more than VP, does nothing, presides over Senate when VP cannot

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  1. told can't do something
  2. made the start of the Congress term January 3rd
  3. federal gov and state gov have 2 House Representatives
  4. 1 Term = 2 Sessions
  5. more than half vote to gain victory

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  1. Quorum Callcalled when thought there is not enough people on the floor, request of attendance to be taken


  2. Congressional Recordstatement of opinion by legislative body


  3. Logrollingvote trading


  4. Resolutionstatement of opinion by legislative body


  5. 17th Amendmentmade the start of the Congress term January 3rd


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