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  1. Majority/Minority Leader
  2. Gerrymandering
  3. Plurality
  4. "Perk"
  5. Excise Tax
  1. a reducing boundary lines to give one pol party an advantage over the other
  2. b lead party on the floor, organize members for voting
  3. c tax on sale or consumption of a product
  4. d benefit
  5. e largest number of votes received by a candidate

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  1. permanent committee, 19 in the House ans 17 in the Senate
  2. vote trading
  3. paid more than VP, does nothing, presides over Senate when VP cannot
  4. temporary committees to deal with specific issues not covered by other committees
  5. statement of opinion by legislative body

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  1. Immunitycan't be touched


  2. Steering Committeepermanent committee, 19 in the House ans 17 in the Senate


  3. 1913meeting of party leaders


  4. Ear Marks/"Pork" Barrelbenefit


  5. Joint Resolutionpassed by both the House and Senate


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