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  1. 17th Amendment
  2. Conference Committee
  3. Joint Resolution
  4. Censure
  5. Plurality
  1. a if two different bills are sent to the Pres from the House ans Senate, conference com. created to discuss and create one version
  2. b told can't do something
  3. c Senators are elected by public (direct election)
  4. d largest number of votes received by a candidate
  5. e passed by both the House and Senate

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  1. federal gov and state gov have 2 House Representatives
  2. made the start of the Congress term January 3rd
  3. 1 Term = 2 Sessions
  4. free mailing for Congress
  5. paid more than VP, does nothing, presides over Senate when VP cannot

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  1. Ear Marks/"Pork" Barrelbenefit


  2. Select/Special Committeetemporary committees to deal with specific issues not covered by other committees


  3. Majoritymore than half vote to gain victory


  4. Gerrymanderingmore than half vote to gain victory


  5. Constituentsevery 10 years, the Bureau of Census sends document of reapportionment to Congress, who tells the states the number of seats they have in the House


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