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  1. recombinant DNA
  2. class, phylum
  3. as an archeon not cellular, not alive
  4. presence of a nucleus in eukaryotes
  5. common cold

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  1. Which early microbiologist was most responsible for developing standard microbiology laboratory techniquesLouis Pastuer


  2. Which Scientist is most responsible for finally laying the theoryof spontaneous generation to restRobert Koch


  3. Which is the correct order of the taxonomic categories, going from ost specific to most generalspecies, genus,family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, domain


  4. order the following items by size=smallest to largestatom,protein,AIDS virus,rickettsia, coccus-shaped bacterium, WBC, amoeba,worm


  5. A hypothesis can be difined asthe spontaneous generation fo organisms from nonliving matter


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