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  1. Proximity
  2. Camouflage
  3. Maneuver
  4. Harass
  1. a n. A skillful move or clever trick.
  2. b n. The state of being close or next to; nearness.
  3. c v. To hide or conceal, especially by disguising the appearance of.
  4. d v. To cause to become worried or weary.

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  1. n. Food such as hay or grain for farm animals.
  2. n. A payment made as a reward, especially one made by the authorities.
  3. v. To search for food or supplies.
  4. n. The hiding of something as a result of its appearance.
  5. adj. Plentiful.

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  1. Murkyadj. Dark; gloomy.


  2. Sleekadj. Having slender, graceful lines.


  3. Lethargicadj. Slow moving; sleepy or tired.


  4. Mottledn. Food such as hay or grain for farm animals.


  5. Maneuverv. To perform military movements with.


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