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  1. Negative station is located where
  2. White blood cells can be as high as_______ during labor
  3. Intense pain & fear can have what effect on the labor progress
  4. Fibrogen is ________ during pregnancy labor & delivery
  5. when fetus is in trouble mother may wear oxygen mask with _______L of oxygen
  1. a 25000
  2. b Can impede progress
  3. c above the ischial spines
  4. d increased
  5. e 8-10

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  1. Lightning or dropping
    bloody show
    burst of energy called nesting
  2. Engagement
  3. Bloody show
  4. -Immediate postpartum
    -from time baby is delivered till end of first hour
    -nurse does frequent assessments for bleeding & vital signs q15 minutes.
    -nurse promotes bonding
  5. 2 hours

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  1. 2nd stage of pregnancy-The placental stage
    -Starts with delivery of baby and ends with delivery of placenta
    -Placenta takes about 20 minutes to deliver naturally
    -Contractions that were enhanced with oxcitocin will cause the placenta to deliver 5-10 minutes earlier


  2. Effect of labor on GILightning or Dropping, bloody show, sudden burst of energy referred to as "nesting"


  3. present part in relation to chest (chin to chest)above the ischial spines


  4. Active phase-dilated 8-10cm
    -shortest, most intense and unpredictable phase
    -Labor nurse prepares for delivery, nurse shouldn't leave bedside
    -Baby is fully descended into the pelvic cavity
    -At 10cm you've completed the 1st stage


  5. Vaginal drainage consisting of mainly blood, happens during 4th stageabove the ischial spines


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