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  1. 4th stage of labor
  2. Shultz side is
  3. The mother shouldn't eat a large meal before delivery due to _______ that could occur to the newborn
  4. Note:
    during peak contractions maternal blood flow stops intermittently because spiral arteries are being compressed
  5. when fetus is in trouble mother may wear oxygen mask with _______L of oxygen
  1. a 8-10
  2. b immediate postpartum
  3. c ...
  4. d fetal side
  5. e rebound hypoglycemia

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  1. braxton hicks contractions
  2. 30 sec
  3. Can impede progress
  4. -Gastric mobility slows
    -NPO during labor
  5. 2 hours

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  1. Positive stations are located whereabove the ischial spines


  2. 1st stage of laborThinning (effacement) and opening (dilation) of the cervix


  3. Active phase-dilated 4-7 cm
    -contractions more intense
    -baby moves further down


  4. How are contractions counted-dilated 1-3 cm
    -May not even know shes in the 1st stage if she has had children before


  5. __________gives fetus extra oxygen to carry thru contractionThe heart speeds up at the beginning of a contraction


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