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  1. Fibrogen is ________ during pregnancy labor & delivery
  2. 2nd stage of pregnancy
  3. positions that are good for the mother to get in to get pressure off her back
  4. How are contractions counted
  5. Duncan side is
  1. a From the beginning of one to the beginning of the next one
  2. b increased
  3. c squatting or hands & knees
  4. d -Starts when dilated 10cm and last until baby is delivered
    -Referred to as the pushing stage
  5. e maternal side

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  1. Engagement
  2. below the ischial spines towards the perineum
  3. braxton hicks contractions
  4. 30 sec
  5. Slows labor

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  1. Zero station should be located whereat the level of the ischial spines


  2. Best way to ease anxiety in the mother during laborstay a phase ahead in preparing her for whats going to happen


  3. symptoms of hyperventilation-tingling in hands & feet
    -numbness & dizziness


  4. True labor signsLightning or Dropping, bloody show, sudden burst of energy referred to as "nesting"


  5. Effect of labor on GI-Gastric mobility slows
    -NPO during labor


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