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  1. symptoms of hyperventilation
  2. cardinal movement of labor is a sort of ________ effect
  3. The fetus of a mother that has ________ or ________ may not tolerate contractions well and the mother will need oxygen
  4. Zero station should be located where
  5. fetal hear rate
  1. a 110-160
  2. b -tingling in hands & feet
    -numbness & dizziness
  3. c diabetes or hypertension
  4. d at the level of the ischial spines
  5. e corkscrew (twisting of the fetus as he comes thru the birth canal

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  1. rebound hypoglycemia
  2. Engagement
  3. Placental stage
  4. supine
  5. -dilated 8-10cm
    -shortest, most intense and unpredictable phase
    -Labor nurse prepares for delivery, nurse shouldn't leave bedside
    -Baby is fully descended into the pelvic cavity
    -At 10cm you've completed the 1st stage

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  1. The relationship between the presenting part of the baby -- the head, shoulder, buttocks, or feet -- and two parts of the mother's pelvis called the ischial spinesFetal station


  2. 3rd stage of pregnancy-Starts when dilated 10cm and last until baby is delivered
    -Referred to as the pushing stage


  3. Effect of labor on GI-Gastric mobility slows
    -NPO during labor


  4. Nurse should change positions of the mother at least every _______-2 hours


  5. Duncan side isfetal side


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