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  1. Three phases of 1st stage of pregnancy
  2. Negative station is located where
  3. associated with false labor
  4. Active phase
  5. 3rd stage of pregnancy
  1. a above the ischial spines
  2. b 1. early or Latent phase
    2. Active phase
    3.Transition phase
  3. c braxton hicks contractions
  4. d -dilated 4-7 cm
    -contractions more intense
    -baby moves further down
  5. e -The placental stage
    -Starts with delivery of baby and ends with delivery of placenta
    -Placenta takes about 20 minutes to deliver naturally
    -Contractions that were enhanced with oxcitocin will cause the placenta to deliver 5-10 minutes earlier

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  1. 1 hour
  2. The heart speeds up at the beginning of a contraction
  3. -Gastric mobility slows
    -NPO during labor
  4. squatting or hands & knees
  5. Lightning or Dropping, bloody show, sudden burst of energy referred to as "nesting"

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  1. Early or latent phase-dilated 4-7 cm
    -contractions more intense
    -baby moves further down


  2. Means the largest part of the head is starting to fit and pass thru the pelvic inletEngagement


  3. __________ is once the head is in the pelvic inletengaged


  4. Note:
    during peak contractions maternal blood flow stops intermittently because spiral arteries are being compressed


  5. Duncan side isfetal side


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