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  1. Shultz side is
  2. Negative station is located where
  3. How are contractions counted
  4. What causes fetal anemia?
  5. True labor signs
  1. a Lightning or Dropping, bloody show, sudden burst of energy referred to as "nesting"
  2. b A mixture of Rh+ and Rh- blood causing fetal blood cells to be destroyed
  3. c From the beginning of one to the beginning of the next one
  4. d fetal side
  5. e above the ischial spines

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  1. at the level of the ischial spines
  2. maternal side
  3. Slows labor
  4. mucous plug
  5. engaged

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  1. Active phase-dilated 8-10cm
    -shortest, most intense and unpredictable phase
    -Labor nurse prepares for delivery, nurse shouldn't leave bedside
    -Baby is fully descended into the pelvic cavity
    -At 10cm you've completed the 1st stage


  2. White blood cells can be as high as_______ during labor25000


  3. With false labor ________ will cause them to go awaygetting up & moving around


  4. signs before delivery such as the mucous plugBloody show


  5. when fetus is in trouble mother may wear oxygen mask with _______L of oxygen25000


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