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  1. A work team that works to accomplish tasks that require people with specialized training and a high degree of coordination is called a(n)
    A. production team.
    B. project team.
    C. development team.
    D. action team.
    E. advice team.
  2. Self-managed teams are groups of workers who have been given ______ for their task domains.
    A. individual incentives
    B. administrative oversight
    C. reduced responsibility
    D. complete freedom
    E. no technology
  3. The conflict-handling style in which a person allows the desires of another to prevail is known as
    A. forcing.
    B. accommodating.
    C. avoiding.
    D. collaborating.
    E. compromising.
  4. ______ is designed to elicit different opinions without inciting people's personal feelings.
    A. Groupthink
    B. Programmed conflict
    C. Social loafing
    D. Storming
    E. Dysfunctional conflict
  5. During the performing stage of team development, the group answers the question
    A. "Can we agree on roles and work as a team?"
    B. "Why are we here?"
    C. "Why are we fighting?"
    D. "Can we do the job properly?"
    E. "Who's in charge?"
  1. a B. administrative oversight
  2. b B. Programmed conflict
  3. c D. action team.
  4. d D. "Can we do the job properly?"
  5. e B. accommodating.

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  1. D. Avoiding
  2. A. help the team identify group goals and values.
  3. B. task
  4. A. Workers and supervisors
  5. D. Use team bonuses

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  1. Members of a team develop their ______ based on the expectations of the team, of the organization, and of themselves.
    A. roles
    B. norms
    C. groupthink
    D. job descriptions
    E. social fit
    A. roles


  2. Abel, whose primary job is supervising a small production group, is not getting cooperation from all members on the cross-functional team he leads. In particular, Samantha, a marketing manager, seems to resist his direction. The source of conflict in this can be
    A. time pressure.
    B. a personality clash.
    C. communication failure.
    D. status differences.
    E. ambiguous jurisdictions.
    D. status differences.


  3. Someone at a team meeting who says, "Let's hear from those who oppose this plan" is performing a ______ role.
    A. maintenance
    B. social
    C. coordinator
    D. reorientation
    E. task
    A. roles


  4. Which of the following is a disadvantage of larger groups?
    A. Less creativity and innovation
    B. Less commitment
    C. More division of labor
    D. Fewer resources
    E. Fewer cliques
    B. Less commitment


  5. Kazimir has missed another deadline and his boss Carla is furious. She will have to explain to the client again why the project is behind. Carla thinks she may say something she'll regret if she talks to Kazimir about this now, so she decides to wait awhile. Carla is using the ______ conflict-handling style.
    A. avoiding
    B. collaborating
    C. compromising
    D. forcing
    E. accommodating
    B. a personality clash.


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