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  1. The ______ stage of team development is characterized by the emergence of individual personalities and roles and conflicts within the group.
    A. norming
    B. forming
    C. adjourning
    D. performing
    E. storming
  2. A ______ role is behavior that concentrates on getting the team's work done.
    A. maintenance
    B. performance
    C. administrative
    D. task
    E. production
  3. In which of the following conditions should constructive conflict be stimulated?
    A. The group seems to be apathetic.
    B. Managers want to achieve work objectives.
    C. The group is adapting to change.
    D. Managers are in charge of self-managed teams.
    E. There is a lot of internal competition.
  4. Which of the following is a way managers can enhance team cohesiveness?
    A. Giving every group member a vital role
    B. Providing team members precise instructions for their tasks
    C. Creating a relatively large team
    D. Assigning members randomly to teams
    E. Allowing off-the-job social events
  5. A data processing group is an example of a(n)
    A. routine team.
    B. action team.
    C. advice team.
    D. production team.
    E. project team.
  1. a E. storming
  2. b D. task
  3. c D. production team.
  4. d A. The group seems to be apathetic.
  5. e E. Allowing off-the-job social events

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  1. B. a personality clash.
  2. A. Project team
  3. A. groupthink.
  4. E. The dialectic method
  5. B. administrative oversight

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  1. Which of the following is an important aspect when creating a self-managed team?
    A. Lessen the authority and autonomy that is granted
    B. Require participation to be outside of normal working hours
    C. Allow workers to simply do their own thing
    D. Use team bonuses
    E. Require voluntary only membership
    D. Use team bonuses


  2. ______ is a "we" feeling that binds group members together.
    A. Maintenance
    B. Groupthink
    C. Norming
    D. Social loafing
    E. Group cohesiveness
    E. Group cohesiveness


  3. The question the group is asking during the forming stage of group development is
    A. "Why are we here?"
    B. "What's next?"
    C. "Can we do the job properly?"
    D. "Why are we fighting about who does what?"
    E. "Can we agree on roles and work as a team?"
    A. "Why are we here?"


  4. A group that is created to do something productive for the organization and is headed by a leader is called a(n)
    A. dynamic group.
    B. formal group.
    C. normative group.
    D. informal group.
    E. network group.
    E. storming


  5. Members of a team develop their ______ based on the expectations of the team, of the organization, and of themselves.
    A. roles
    B. norms
    C. groupthink
    D. job descriptions
    E. social fit
    A. roles


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