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  1. Which of the following is a disadvantage of smaller groups?
    A. Unfair work distribution
    B. Autocratic leadership
    C. Lower morale
    D. Tendency to form cliques
    E. Tendency to take unreasonable risk
  2. In which of the following conditions should constructive conflict be stimulated?
    A. The group seems to be apathetic.
    B. Managers want to achieve work objectives.
    C. The group is adapting to change.
    D. Managers are in charge of self-managed teams.
    E. There is a lot of internal competition.
  3. Peer pressure which leads group members to question the loyalty of other members who express dissent is a symptom of
    A. social loafing.
    B. norming.
    C. devil's advocacy.
    D. groupthink.
    E. storming.
  4. A ______ role is behavior that concentrates on getting the team's work done.
    A. maintenance
    B. performance
    C. administrative
    D. task
    E. production
  5. Who are typical members of continuous improvement teams?
    A. Workers and supervisors
    B. Supervisors and managers
    C. Managers and agents representing competitors
    D. Outside suppliers
    E. Customers and suppliers
  1. a A. Workers and supervisors
  2. b A. The group seems to be apathetic.
  3. c A. Unfair work distribution
  4. d D. task
  5. e D. groupthink.

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  1. C. Reforming
  2. D. Can take advantage of division of labor
  3. B. collaborating
  4. C. maintenance
  5. E. Allowing off-the-job social events

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  1. Nordstrom's department store chain emphasizes the great lengths to which it goes in customer service, an example of which of these reasons to enforce norms?
    A. To clarify role expectations
    B. To help the group survive
    C. To create cohesiveness
    D. To emphasize the group's important values
    E. To help individuals avoid embarrassing situations
    D. To emphasize the group's important values


  2. There were 17 people on the grounds maintenance committee, and among its responsibilities were monthly parking lot cleanup and weekly patio sweeping. Alex was a part of the committee at his boss's request, but had never actually helped with anything. This is likely an example of
    A. storming.
    B. devil's advocacy.
    C. social loafing.
    D. procrastinating.
    E. adjourning.
    C. group cohesiveness.


  3. The question the group is asking during the forming stage of group development is
    A. "Why are we here?"
    B. "What's next?"
    C. "Can we do the job properly?"
    D. "Why are we fighting about who does what?"
    E. "Can we agree on roles and work as a team?"
    C. Reforming


  4. Which of the following is a manifestation of excessive conflict in the workplace?
    A. Apathy
    B. Lack of creativity
    C. Missed deadlines
    D. Violence
    E. Indecision
    E. Inconsistent goals


  5. Kazimir has missed another deadline and his boss Carla is furious. She will have to explain to the client again why the project is behind. Carla thinks she may say something she'll regret if she talks to Kazimir about this now, so she decides to wait awhile. Carla is using the ______ conflict-handling style.
    A. avoiding
    B. collaborating
    C. compromising
    D. forcing
    E. accommodating
    B. a personality clash.


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