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  1. Which of the following is NOT a primary consideration in building a group into an effective team?
    A. Cohesiveness
    B. Groupthink
    C. Autocratic structure
    D. Performance goals and feedback
    E. Size
  2. Peer pressure which leads group members to question the loyalty of other members who express dissent is a symptom of
    A. social loafing.
    B. norming.
    C. devil's advocacy.
    D. groupthink.
    E. storming.
  3. At Berk Architects, a group of designers are developing the first drawings for a proposed multi-use development in a revitalizing section of a large city. What type of work team is this group?
    A. Project team
    B. Production team
    C. Product team
    D. Action team
    E. Advice team
  4. Who are typical members of continuous improvement teams?
    A. Workers and supervisors
    B. Supervisors and managers
    C. Managers and agents representing competitors
    D. Outside suppliers
    E. Customers and suppliers
  5. To prevent groupthink, a manager should
    A. reinforce how capable the group is.
    B. never admit errors to outsiders.
    C. bring in outside experts for fresh perspectives.
    D. encourage everyone to "get with the team."
    E. express high confidence in the group's previous decisions.
  1. a C. bring in outside experts for fresh perspectives.
  2. b D. groupthink.
  3. c C. Autocratic structure
  4. d A. Project team
  5. e A. Workers and supervisors

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  1. B. administrative oversight
  2. D. allow members to hire their own co-workers.
  3. D. meet regularly, face to face.
  4. B. A type of advice team
  5. E. Group cohesiveness

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  1. Yuan's team was not making much progress on the development of a new production process. Linnea was being very uncooperative; she did not agree with the direction Yuan was taking, so she hadn't helped with her part. This team is in what stage of group development?
    A. Performing
    B. Forming
    C. Adjourning
    D. Storming
    E. Norming
    A. roles


  2. Which of the following is the best way to manage virtual teams?
    A. Focus on what is accomplished, not hours or locations.
    B. When beginning with a virtual team, set the final deadline and reprimand any virtual team members who don't make the deadline.
    C. Because you don't have face-to-face contact, relay instructions via phone.
    D. Require each team member to keep their own personal record of the work that's been done as a team.
    E. Utilize employees on a global team around the clock.
    A. Unfair work distribution


  3. Which of the following is an advantage of smaller groups?
    A. Fewer distractions
    B. More formalized team leadership
    C. More creativity and innovation
    D. More division of labor
    E. Better interaction and morale
    E. Better interaction and morale


  4. Hannah is on a team with Carson, and they are often in conflict. Hannah likes to begin her work with careful planning and she gets started immediately. Carson, on the other hand, likes trying out several ideas, and tends to be working frantically at the last minute. Their team conflict most likely stems from
    A. time pressure.
    B. a personality clash.
    C. communication failure.
    D. ambiguous jurisdictions.
    E. inconsistent goals.
    B. a personality clash.


  5. Negative conflict is sometimes called ______ conflict.
    A. dysfunctional
    B. irregular
    C. destructive
    D. aggressive
    E. apathetic
    A. dysfunctional


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