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  1. Carlie, Clarke and Armando met once a week for several months in the fall to decide how to reorganize their department work spaces when the organization moved to a new building in January. This is an example of a
    A. top management team.
    B. problem-solving team.
    C. cross-functional team.
    D. virtual team.
    E. continuous improvement team.
  2. Vanita points out during the meeting that the group has fallen a half hour behind schedule according to the agenda, and should get back to the important work at hand. Vanita is performing a ______ role.
    A. relational
    B. task
    C. maintenance
    D. social
    E. production
  3. Hannah is on a team with Carson, and they are often in conflict. Hannah likes to begin her work with careful planning and she gets started immediately. Carson, on the other hand, likes trying out several ideas, and tends to be working frantically at the last minute. Their team conflict most likely stems from
    A. time pressure.
    B. a personality clash.
    C. communication failure.
    D. ambiguous jurisdictions.
    E. inconsistent goals.
  4. When using a self-managed team, a manager should
    A. maintain detailed monitoring of its performance.
    B. create the team within whatever structure currently exists.
    C. offer lucrative individual bonuses.
    D. allow members to hire their own co-workers.
    E. provide elaborate retreats for team discussions.
  5. Kazimir has missed another deadline and his boss Carla is furious. She will have to explain to the client again why the project is behind. Carla thinks she may say something she'll regret if she talks to Kazimir about this now, so she decides to wait awhile. Carla is using the ______ conflict-handling style.
    A. avoiding
    B. collaborating
    C. compromising
    D. forcing
    E. accommodating
  1. a B. task
  2. b B. a personality clash.
  3. c B. problem-solving team.
  4. d A. avoiding
  5. e D. allow members to hire their own co-workers.

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  1. B. allow people to socialize.
  2. A. maintenance
  3. D. Can take advantage of division of labor
  4. C. maintenance
  5. A. The group seems to be apathetic.

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  1. A data processing group is an example of a(n)
    A. routine team.
    B. action team.
    C. advice team.
    D. production team.
    E. project team.
    D. production team.


  2. ______ is the process of having two people or groups play opposing roles in a debate in order to better understand a proposal.
    A. Storming
    B. Positive conflict
    C. Devil's advocacy
    D. Groupthink
    E. The dialectic method
    E. The dialectic method


  3. Which of the following is a way managers can enhance team cohesiveness?
    A. Giving every group member a vital role
    B. Providing team members precise instructions for their tasks
    C. Creating a relatively large team
    D. Assigning members randomly to teams
    E. Allowing off-the-job social events
    B. A type of advice team


  4. Two or more freely interacting individuals who share collective norms, share collective goals, and have a common identity are called a
    A. cluster.
    B. self-managing work team.
    C. collaborative unit.
    D. quality circle.
    E. group.
    E. group.


  5. Beth organized several teachers to discuss the school painting scheduled for summer. They looked at several brands, and heard a presentation by a designer who then helped them choose a color palette to recommend to school administrators. In this instance, the teachers make up a(n)
    A. self-managed team.
    B. virtual team.
    C. cross-functional team.
    D. informal group.
    E. formal group.
    E. formal group.


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