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  1. space shuttle
  2. Lunar Prospector
  3. escape velocity
  4. space probe
  5. rover
  1. a a spacecraft that has various scientific instruments that can collect data,including visual images,but has no human crew
  2. b a spacecraft that can carry a crew into space,return to Earth,and then be reused for the same purpose
  3. c a small robotic space probe that can move about the surface of a planet or moon
  4. d found evidence of water ice and identified other minerals on the moon's surface
  5. e the velocity an object must reach to fly beyond a planet's or moon's gravitational pull

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  1. first to imagine that a spacecraft and crew were shot to the moon by a cannon
  2. first American to orbit Earth (Friendship 7)
  3. the American effort to land astronauts on the moon
  4. an object that revolves around another object in space
  5. first artificial satellite sent into space by the Russians

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  1. Yuri Gagarinimproved rocketry in the early 1800s and used rockets against American troops in the War of 1812


  2. Galileowhere rocket technology began in the 1100s


  3. 3 types of fuel used to power rocketssolid fuel, liquid fuel, and electrically charged particles of gas


  4. velocityan object that revolves around another object in space


  5. solid fuel rocketoxygen is mixed with fuel (dry-explosive chemical). an example is a firework. Once a solid fuel rocket is ignited it burns until all the fuel is gone


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