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Science Chapter 2 vocabulary Test

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  1. Cassini
  2. orbital velocity
  3. space shuttle
  4. Alan Shepard
  5. vacuum
  1. a a place that is empty of all matter
  2. b a spacecraft that can carry a crew into space,return to Earth,and then be reused for the same purpose
  3. c is exploring Saturn's moons and launched a smaller probe Huygens to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon
  4. d first American in space
  5. e the velocity a rocket must achieve to establish an orbit around a body in space

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  1. an orbit in which a satellite orbits Earth at the same rate as earth rotates and thus stays over the same place all the time
  2. a small robotic space probe that can move about the surface of a planet or moon
  3. first to imagine that a spacecraft and crew were shot to the moon by a cannon
  4. the condition of experiencing weightlessness in orbit
  5. do not burn chemical fuels. They expel ions out of their engines at high speeds. They create less thrust but are very fuel efficient

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  1. Robert GoddardAmerican physicist who designed rockets and went a step farther by building rockets to test his designs


  2. thrustthe reaction force that propels a rocket forward


  3. "space race"rivalry in the exploration of space between the US and the Soviet Union


  4. Apollo programa spacecraft that has various scientific instruments that can collect data,including visual images,but has no human crew


  5. liquid -fuel rocketoxygen is mixed with fuel (dry-explosive chemical). an example is a firework. Once a solid fuel rocket is ignited it burns until all the fuel is gone


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