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  1. 3 types of fuel used to power rockets
  2. Sea of Tranquility
  3. moon rocks
  4. Yuri Gagarin
  5. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
  1. a minerals that make up moon rocks are the same minerals that are found on Earth. In some moon rocks these minerals combine to form kinds of rocks that are not found on earth
  2. b Russian physicist who described in scientific terms how rockets work and proposed designs for advanced rockets; proposed the idea of multi-stage rockets
  3. c solid fuel, liquid fuel, and electrically charged particles of gas
  4. d Russian who flew one orbit around Earth aboard Vostok I
  5. e flat area on the moon's surface

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  1. the condition of experiencing weightlessness in orbit
  2. a spacecraft that has various scientific instruments that can collect data,including visual images,but has no human crew
  3. oxygen and the fuel are in liquid form and stored in separate compartments. When the rocket fires the fuel and oxygen are pumped into the same chamber and ignited. Advantage is that the amount of fuel burned can be regulated by how much liquid fuel and oxygen are mixed together
  4. speed in a given direction
  5. improved rocketry in the early 1800s and used rockets against American troops in the War of 1812

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  1. geosynchronous orbitthe designer of the V2 rocket (a large rocket that could destroy targets and travel really far). He came to America and helped develop many rockets used in the US space program


  2. escape velocitythe velocity an object must reach to fly beyond a planet's or moon's gravitational pull


  3. Alan Shepardfirst American in space


  4. space stationa large artificial satellite on which people can live and work for long periods


  5. Jules Vernefirst to imagine that a spacecraft and crew were shot to the moon by a cannon


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