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  1. China
  2. liquid -fuel rocket
  3. space spinoff
  4. thrust
  5. Apollo program
  1. a an item that has uses on Earth but was originally developed for use in space
  2. b where rocket technology began in the 1100s
  3. c oxygen and the fuel are in liquid form and stored in separate compartments. When the rocket fires the fuel and oxygen are pumped into the same chamber and ignited. Advantage is that the amount of fuel burned can be regulated by how much liquid fuel and oxygen are mixed together
  4. d the American effort to land astronauts on the moon
  5. e the reaction force that propels a rocket forward

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  1. Russian physicist who described in scientific terms how rockets work and proposed designs for advanced rockets; proposed the idea of multi-stage rockets
  2. is exploring Saturn's moons and launched a smaller probe Huygens to explore Titan, Saturn's largest moon
  3. the condition of experiencing weightlessness in orbit
  4. first to imagine that a spacecraft and crew were shot to the moon by a cannon
  5. Russian who flew one orbit around Earth aboard Vostok I

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  1. Sea of Tranquilityan object that revolves around another object in space


  2. Galileoa device that expels gas in one direction to move in the opposite direction


  3. space stationa large artificial satellite on which people can live and work for long periods


  4. moon rocksdo not burn chemical fuels. They expel ions out of their engines at high speeds. They create less thrust but are very fuel efficient


  5. space shuttlea spacecraft that can carry a crew into space,return to Earth,and then be reused for the same purpose


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