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Understanding Hormones Test

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  1. thyroxine
  2. antidiuretic
  3. adrenaline
  4. testes
  5. Thyroid
  1. a testosterone
  2. b thyroxine
  3. c emergency hormone; fight or flight
  4. d regulates body's water balance
  5. e iodine causes a chemical reaction; affects all tissues
    Overactive: energy increase
    Underactive: over tiredness

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  1. in charge of the development of cells surrounding the egg cell
  2. estrogen
  3. regulates size and activity in the thyroid
  4. causes liver to convert glycogen into glucose
  5. triggers adrenal gland

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  1. Somatropicstimulates smooth muscle in internal organs


  2. LHregulates size and activity in the thyroid


  3. pancreassteroids


  4. cortisonemaintains body's water balance


  5. estrogen
    maintains body's water balance


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