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  1. FSH
  2. insulin
  3. ovaries
  4. Somatropic
  5. adrenaline
  1. a regulates blood sugar level
    Underactive: diabetes
  2. b stimulates growth in muscles, bones, height, liver, kidneys, and tissue
    Over-activity: giagantism
    Underactivity: dwarfism
  3. c estrogen
  4. d emergency hormone; fight or flight
  5. e in charge of the development of cells surrounding the egg cell

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  1. stimulates smooth muscle in internal organs
  2. steroids
  3. group of chemical compounds; effects many functions
  4. ovulation
  5. iodine causes a chemical reaction; affects all tissues
    Overactive: energy increase
    Underactive: over tiredness

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  1. antidiureticregulates body's water balance


  2. aldosteronecontrols metabolism; helps cope with stress


  3. testestestosterone


  4. Thyroidthyroxine


  5. Pituitary Glandcauses liver to convert glycogen into glucose


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