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  1. probarse
  2. dedicarse
  3. asegurar
  4. hablar
  5. volver
  1. a to devote oneself
  2. b to return, to go back
  3. c to try on (clothes)
  4. d to talk, to speak
  5. e to assure, to affirm, to assert, to insure

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. to study
  2. to be (get) divorced
  3. to extend, to offer, to stretch, to spread out, to hang out (washing)
  4. to do, to make
  5. to telegraph, to cable

5 True/False Questions

  1. verto fall


  2. alegrarseto look at oneself, to look at each other (uno a otro, unos a otros)


  3. aclamarto embrace, to hug; to clamp


  4. quemarto burn, to fire


  5. acercarseto approach, to draw near


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