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  1. broncear
  2. probar
  3. colegir
  4. repetir
  5. abatir
  1. a to repeat
  2. b to knock down, to overthrow, to throw down
  3. c to test, to prove, to try, to try on
  4. d to bronze, to tan
  5. e to collect

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  1. to realize, to carry out, to fulfill
  2. to inhabit, to dwell, to live, to reside
  3. to smile
  4. to breed, to raise, to bring up (rear)
  5. to sigh

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  1. visitarto visit


  2. ducharseto doubt


  3. atraerto aggravate, to make worse


  4. acostumbrarto be accustomed


  5. quitarseto take a shower, to shower oneself


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