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  1. aburrir
  2. quemar
  3. elegir
  4. cargar
  5. agarrar
  1. a to elect, to select, to choose
  2. b to annoy, to bore, to vex
  3. c to load, to burden
  4. d to grasp, to obtain, to seize, to catch, to clutch, to come upon
  5. e to burn, to fire

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  1. to take care of oneself
  2. to look at oneself, to look at each other (uno a otro, unos a otros)
  3. to walk
  4. to enclose, to lock up, to confine
  5. to comb one's hair

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  1. obtenerto obtain, to get


  2. asustarseto be frightened, to be scared


  3. desvestirseto undress oneself, to get undressed


  4. discutirto discuss


  5. aprenderto learn


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