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  1. jugar
  2. cocinar
  3. articular
  4. lanzar
  5. adorar
  1. a to throw, to hurl, to fling, to launch
  2. b to cook
  3. c to play (a game, sport)
  4. d to articulate, to pronounce distinctly
  5. e to adore, to worship

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  1. to decide
  2. to look, to look at, to watch
  3. to yawn, to gape
  4. to join, to unite, to connect
  5. to constitute, to make up

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  1. marcharseto go away, to leave


  2. componerto compose


  3. regalarto give as a present, to make a present of, to give as a gift


  4. repararto mend, to repair, to notice, to observe


  5. lastimarseto shave oneself


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