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  1. emplear
  2. predecir
  3. indicar
  4. nevar
  5. tomar
  1. a to employ, to use
  2. b to indicate, to point out
  3. c to take, to have (something to eat or to drink)
  4. d to snow
  5. e to predict, to forecast, to foretell

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  1. to take a shower, to shower oneself
  2. to resemble each other, to look alike
  3. to find, to discover, to locate
  4. to arrive
  5. to become tired, to become weary, to get tired

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  1. reñirto feel sorry, to regret, to feel


  2. dibujarto travel


  3. exigirto demand, to urge, to require


  4. lucharto fight, to strive, to struggle, to wrestle


  5. mirarto snow


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