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  1. sostener
  2. callarse
  3. practicar
  4. cerrar
  5. remitir
  1. a to close
  2. b to practice
  3. c to sustain, to support, to maintain, to uphold
  4. d to remit, to forward, to transmit
  5. e to be silent, to keep quiet

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  1. to play (a part), to act (a part), to discharge, to perform (a duty), to take out of pawn
  2. to accuse
  3. to offer
  4. to wrap up
  5. to dance

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  1. robarto rob, to steal


  2. prohibirto perceive


  3. alcanzarto root up (out), to pull up (out), to tear off (away), to snatch


  4. votarto smell, to scent


  5. lastimarseto call oneself, to be named


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