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  1. subscribir
  2. bendecir
  3. doler
  4. despertarse
  5. dejar
  1. a to subscribe, to agree with, to sign
  2. b to bless, to consecrate
  3. c to let, to permit, to allow, to leave
  4. d to wake up oneself
  5. e to ache, to pain, to hurt, to cause grief, to cause regret

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  1. to proclaim, to promulgate
  2. to enroll, to register
  3. to drink
  4. to fulfill, to keep (a promise), to reach one's birthday (use with aƱos)
  5. to confide, to trust

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  1. vestirseto dress oneself, to get dressed


  2. construirto continue


  3. herirto let, to permit, to allow, to leave


  4. lavarto have (as an auxiliary, helping verb to form the compound tenses)


  5. caerseto scrape, to rub off, to erase, to wipe out


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