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  1. 1919- Debs vs. US
  2. 1954- Brown v. Board of Education
  3. 1974- United States v. Nixon
  4. 1901- Insular Cases
  5. 1857- Dred Scott v. Sanford
  1. a A series of cases which asked "Does the Constitution and all of its rights automatically cover any person in territory which the U.S. acquires?" or "Does the Constitution follow the flag?" No.
  2. b Your rights can be limited in time of war
  3. c By 8-0 vote, court ruled that Nixon had to turn over the Watergate Tapes to the Special Prosecutor
    No president was above the law
  4. d Ruled that African Americans were not citizens (overturned the 14th amendment)
  5. e In this school segregation case, court overturned Plessy v. Ferguson separate but equal doctrine

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  1. Lack of a fair trial
  2. Upheld Louisiana law providing for equal but separate accommodations for white and colored races
  3. Established supreme court's right of judicial review- the right to determine the constitutionality of laws
  4. Overturned Munn and stated that state governments could not regulate interstate commerce. Only congress could do so. Impact: Congress forced to create Interstate Commerce Commission
  5. Federal suit using Sherman Antitrust Act
    Court ordered it to be dissolved

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  1. 1944- Korematsu v. United StatesUpheld the power of the president in wartime to limit a group's civil liberties


  2. 1824- Gibbons v. OgdenStates may regulate only what is solely intrastate commerce


  3. 1877- Munn vs. IllinoisDeclared that Granger laws regulating the railroad rates were ok


  4. 1971- New York Times Co. v. United StatesCourt narrowly upheld 1st amendment right to Freedom of the press
    Ruled that government had not met the heavy burden or prior restraint i.e.e not made a strong enough case to stop publication of The Pentagon Papers on the grounds that national security would be hurt


  5. Scopes-Monkey TrialChallenged the teaching of evolution in schools


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