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  1. Mrs.Mitty
  2. Fantasy Walter
  3. Doodles Momma and Daddy
  4. Jim
  5. Montresor
  1. a insidious mind, crazy, creepy, wealthy, jealous
  2. b controlling,bossy,treats her husband like a son
  3. c caring, kind, loving, pride possession is his watch
  4. d brave,courageous,young,smart
  5. e supportive of their son, proud, kind

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  1. kind, considerate, does everything to make his wife happy
  2. Chinese, speaks poor english, proud of her daughter, wise, formal,
  3. old,ordinary,easily distracted,timid
  4. caring, kind, loving, her pride possession is her hair
  5. kind, rich, has many things, Matilda`s friend

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  1. Matildacaring, kind, loving, her pride possession is her hair


  2. Mother from Secretsindependent, determined


  3. Doodlenot healthy, small, craziest brother a boy could have


  4. The Kingsemi-barbaric, high authority,protective of his daughter,strict


  5. Princess`s Loverjealous,semi-barbaric, deep in love


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