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  1. Searchers look for possible evidence by walking side by side.
  2. Scene is divided into quadrants, with each quadrant searched by one searcher.
  3. Prepared later by a professional for presentation in court.
  4. Prepared by investigator at the crime scene.

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  1. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin says thatStates that law enforcement agencies should have a well-crafted policy on search warrants that guides officers who respond to crime scenes so that the admissibility of evidence will be ensured.


  2. What are the most common justifications for one to search without a search warrant?1. Consent
    2. Emergency
    3. Public Place
    4. Plain View


  3. What are the four policies by D.H.Garrison Jr.'s on protecting the crime scene?1. The officer assigned to crime scene's main entry must log in all visitors. Absolutely no undocumented visitors should be allowed into area.
    2. All officers at the scene must complete a standard report describing their involvement and their specific actions while at the scene.
    3. All visitors must make available any requested exemplar ( hair, blood, shoeprints, fingerprints, etc.) for elimination purposes.
    4. The highest ranking officer entering a crime scene must assume responsibility for all subsequent visitors to the scene.


  4. Who created the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin?Kimberly A. Crawford


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