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  1. which of the following is not typically used to classify detrital sedimentary rocks
  2. coal beds originate in
  3. sandstone
  4. a fossil with a wide geographic distribution that also is limited to a short span of geologic time is know as _____
  5. the ___ states that in a sequence of conformable sedimentary strata, the higher bed is younger than the bed below it
  1. a freshwater swamps
  2. b sand
  3. c Cleavage
  4. d law of superposition
  5. e an index fossil

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  1. Quartz Si02
  2. has abundant coarse-grained mica
  3. Oersoils
  4. compaction and cementation
  5. calcite

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  1. (T/F) chalk and coquina are types of coalfalse


  2. of the original amount of radioactive parent isotope "x" in a feldspar crystal, 25% remains and 75% has decayed to stable daughter isotope "Y". How many half lives have elapsed400


  3. Which of the following best describes the conditions of contact metamorphismpressures are fairly low, the rock is in the upper part of the crust, and heat is supplied from a nearby magma body


  4. chemical weathering is enhanced by physical weathering primarily due to an increase insurface area


  5. (T/F) Peat is though to be the original material from which coals are formedFalse


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