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  1. (T/F) Peat is though to be the original material from which coals are formed
  2. (T/F) chalk and coquina are types of coal
  3. a fossil with a wide geographic distribution that also is limited to a short span of geologic time is know as _____
  4. ( T/F) granite pebbles in sandstone and conglomerate resting on the granite suggest the the granite intruded the sedimentary beds
  5. _____ a common mineral found in igneous rocks, is the most abundant mineral in detrital sedimentary rocks
  1. a false
  2. b False
  3. c Quartz
  4. d true
  5. e an index fossil

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  1. true
  2. abundance of quartz and feldspar in granite
  3. breccia clasts (fragments) are angular, conglomerate clasts are rounded
  4. has abundant coarse-grained mica
  5. 400

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  1. Most energy sources are derived from what kind of rocksfalse


  2. what portion of an angular, fracture-bounded granitic block shows the highest rate of weathering?Chemical


  3. the ___ states that in a sequence of conformable sedimentary strata, the higher bed is younger than the bed below itArgon 40


  4. which of the following is not a typical component of soilsOersoils


  5. conglomeratesand


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