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  1. Flint, chert, and jasper are microcrystalline forms of _______
  2. the age of the boundary between the end of the Mesozoic (cretaceous period) and the beginning of the Cenozoic (tertiary period) is ____ million years before present
  3. the start or end of most of the named periods of the geologic time scale ( triassic) is identified by major geologic events ( advances of glaciers) and/or by ____ events
  4. a fossil with a wide geographic distribution that also is limited to a short span of geologic time is know as _____
  5. which of the following is not a typical component of soils
  1. a 65 million years
  2. b major biological extinction
  3. c Oersoils
  4. d Quartz Si02
  5. e an index fossil

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  1. freshwater swamps
  2. Lead
  3. False
  4. False
  5. compaction and cementation

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  1. (T/F) Many limestones are of biochemical originfalse


  2. Foliations in metamorphic rocks are usually attributed toDifferential stress


  3. of the original amount of radioactive parent isotope "x" in a feldspar crystal, 25% remains and 75% has decayed to stable daughter isotope "Y". How many half lives have elapsedtwo


  4. the daughter product of radioactive decay of the Potassium 40 isotope isArgon 40


  5. shaleclay


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