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  1. which environment has the best conditions to enhance weathering
  2. Foliations in metamorphic rocks are usually attributed to
  3. which of the following is not a chemical sedimentary rock
  4. (T/F) Carbon-14 has a long half-life, making it useful for dating Mesozoic age-rocks
  5. chemical weathering is enhanced by physical weathering primarily due to an increase in
  1. a Differential stress
  2. b the amazon rainforest
  3. c surface area
  4. d false
  5. e sandstone

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  1. the fault is younger than the sedimentary rocks
  2. at great depths in the crust where two continents are colliding
  3. permian
  4. involves a major change in the mineral composition of the weathered material
  5. Chemical

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  1. what term typically describes the soil horizon that is weathered but resembles the unweathered rock on which it liessaprolite


  2. Which of the following best describes the conditions of contact metamorphisma buried erosion surface with young strata above and much older rocks below


  3. the daughter product of radioactive decay of the Potassium 40 isotope issedimentary rocks


  4. what foliated, metamorphic rock is texturally intermediate between slate and schistDifferential stress


  5. the half life of radioactive isotope "x" is two and is 200 million years is one half life . therefore, the age of the feldspar crystal is___ million yearstwo


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