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  1. which of the following is an essential characteristic of an index fossil
  2. sedimentary rocks account for about what percentage of the Earth's outermost 10 kilometers of rock (1%). also, what percentage of the Earth's continental area is covered by sedimentary rocks (second percentage)
  3. ____ is typically formed by metamorphism of shale
  4. the half life of radioactive isotope "x" is two and is 200 million years is one half life . therefore, the age of the feldspar crystal is___ million years
  5. Most energy sources are derived from what kind of rocks
  1. a sedimentary rocks
  2. b the fossil occurs over a short period of geologic time
  3. c slate
  4. d 400
  5. e 5%;75%

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  1. compaction and cementation
  2. has abundant coarse-grained mica
  3. Lead
  4. Chemical
  5. a buried erosion surface with young strata above and much older rocks below

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  1. what type of foliation results from the parallel alignment of abundant, coarse-grained, mica flakes in a metamorphic rockSchistosity


  2. what term typically describes the soil horizon that is weathered but resembles the unweathered rock on which it liesslate


  3. which of the following is/are most susceptible to chemical weathering by dissolutioncalcite


  4. of the original amount of radioactive parent isotope "x" in a feldspar crystal, 25% remains and 75% has decayed to stable daughter isotope "Y". How many half lives have elapsedtwo


  5. Which of the following best describes the conditions of contact metamorphismpressures are fairly low, the rock is in the upper part of the crust, and heat is supplied from a nearby magma body


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