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  1. the major extinction that gave rise to the dinosaurs and occurred about 250 million years ago occurred at the end of what geologic period
  2. the half life of radioactive isotope "x" is two and is 200 million years is one half life . therefore, the age of the feldspar crystal is___ million years
  3. the ___ states that in a sequence of conformable sedimentary strata, the higher bed is younger than the bed below it
  4. the age of the boundary between the end of the Mesozoic (cretaceous period) and the beginning of the Cenozoic (tertiary period) is ____ million years before present
  5. flat surfaces along which sedimentary rocks tend to separate or break are called
  1. a permian
  2. b law of superposition
  3. c 65 million years
  4. d 400
  5. e bedding planes

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  1. frost wedging (CHECK)
  2. False
  3. involves a major change in the mineral composition of the weathered material
  4. Lead
  5. an index fossil

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  1. Which of the following best describes the conditions of contact metamorphismpressures are fairly low, the rock is in the upper part of the crust, and heat is supplied from a nearby magma body


  2. what type of foliation results from the parallel alignment of abundant, coarse-grained, mica flakes in a metamorphic rockOersoils


  3. what foliated, metamorphic rock is texturally intermediate between slate and schistphyllite


  4. In which setting would regional metamorphism be most likelyat great depths in the crust where two continents are colliding


  5. Flint, chert, and jasper are microcrystalline forms of _______false


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