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  1. Foliations in metamorphic rocks are usually attributed to
  2. conglomerate
  3. what portion of an angular, fracture-bounded granitic block shows the highest rate of weathering?
  4. sandstone
  5. what is the main difference between a conglomerate and a sedimentary breccia
  1. a breccia clasts (fragments) are angular, conglomerate clasts are rounded
  2. b Differential stress
  3. c Gravel
  4. d sand
  5. e the edges and corners

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  1. sandstone
  2. sedimentary rocks
  3. true
  4. False
  5. false

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  1. the radioactive isotopes uranium 238, uranium 235, and thorium-232 eventually decay to different, stable, daughter isotopes of _____400


  2. which of the following statements concerning slate is not truehas abundant coarse-grained mica


  3. if a fault cuts across a bed of sedimentary rocks, then which of the following statements must be truebedding planes


  4. Flint, chert, and jasper are microcrystalline forms of _______false


  5. In which setting would regional metamorphism be most likelyslate


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