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  1. (T/F) Peat is though to be the original material from which coals are formed
  2. what term typically describes the soil horizon that is weathered but resembles the unweathered rock on which it lies
  3. what type of foliation results from the parallel alignment of abundant, coarse-grained, mica flakes in a metamorphic rock
  4. (T/F) Carbon-14 has a long half-life, making it useful for dating Mesozoic age-rocks
  5. the daughter product of radioactive decay of the Potassium 40 isotope is
  1. a Schistosity
  2. b Argon 40
  3. c true
  4. d false
  5. e saprolite

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  1. 400
  2. true
  3. involves a major change in the mineral composition of the weathered material
  4. breccia clasts (fragments) are angular, conglomerate clasts are rounded
  5. Quartz

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  1. which of the following describes an unconformitya buried erosion surface with young strata above and much older rocks below


  2. the age of the boundary between the end of the Mesozoic (cretaceous period) and the beginning of the Cenozoic (tertiary period) is ____ million years before presentmajor biological extinction


  3. (T/F) chalk and coquina are types of coalfalse


  4. which of the following geologic observations would not bear directly working out the geologic history of events in an areaOersoils


  5. clay minerals formed from gabbro or diorite bedrock illustrate which kind of weatheringsedimentary rocks


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