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  1. The unit of measurement for pressure preferred by many respiratory therapists is
  2. The pneumotaxic center of the pons
  3. ________ is the amount of air that moves into the respiratory system during a single respiratory cycle.
  4. Large airborne particles are filtered by
  5. Decompression sickness is a painful condition that develops when a person is exposed to a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure. Bubbles of ________ gas are responsible for the problem.
  1. a torr.
  2. b nitrogen
  3. c hairs in the nasal vestibule
  4. d Tidal volume
  5. e suppresses the expiratory center in the medulla

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  1. pulmonary embolism
  2. lower respiratory tract
  3. epiglottis
  4. upper respiratory tract.
  5. acute epiglottitis

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  1. Which of the following organs is not part of the lower respiratory system?oropharynx


  2. Asthma isan acute condition resulting from unusually sensitive, irritated conducting airways


  3. The term hypercapnia refers tomovement of air into and out of the alveoli.


  4. The process by which dissolved gases are exchanged between the blood and interstitial fluids isinternal respiration


  5. Alveolar ventilation refers to themovement of air into and out of the alveoli.


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