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  1. An acute infection of the throat that can lead to swelling and closure of the glottis and cause suffocation is known as
  2. The actual sites of gas exchange within the lungs are
  3. The respiratory epithelium of the conducting airways consists of
  4. Primary bronchi are to ________ as secondary bronchi are to ________.
  5. The pneumotaxic center of the pons
  1. a suppresses the expiratory center in the medulla
  2. b pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium.
  3. c extrapulmonary bronchi; intrapulmonary bronchi
  4. d alveoli.
  5. e acute epiglottitis

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  1. pulmonary embolism
  2. 4, 1, 2, 7, 5, 3, 6
  3. primary bronchi
  4. the volume of the thorax increases.
  5. respiratory distress syndrome.

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  1. Air entering the body is filtered, warmed, and humidified by thehairs in the nasal vestibule


  2. The partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the interstitial space of peripheral tissues is approximately45 mm Hg


  3. The unit of measurement for pressure preferred by many respiratory therapists isoropharynx


  4. Which of the following organs is not part of the lower respiratory system?oropharynx


  5. Alveolar ventilation refers to themovement of air into and out of the alveoli.


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