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  1. Binary Fission Step 4
  2. Anaphase
  3. Binary Fission Step 1
  4. cell plate
  5. linker DNA
  1. a DNA that is not wrapped around the nucleosome core
  2. b the cell elongate and the chromosomes are pulled apart. Cytoplasm is distributed evenly
  3. c chromosome attaches to a special plasma membrane. indicates bacterium is about to divide
  4. d the third phase of mitosis, contains two processes
  5. e in plant cells, cytokinisis is accomplished by the formation of a...

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  1. prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase
  2. Gap 1, Synthesis, and Gap 2
  3. the resulting sister chromatids (daughter chromosomes) are pulled toward the opposite poles of the cell by shortening of the microtubule
  4. the duplicated chromosomes separates into sister chromatids.
  5. a site found within the centromere of the chromosome; associates with the mitotic spindle during cell division

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  1. Second process of prophaseThe replicated centrosomes centrosomes migrate to opposite poles and a system of microtubules forms


  2. diploidtwo sets of chromosomes; represented by "2N"


  3. triploidthree sets of chromosomes; represented by "3N"


  4. P armthe long arm of a eukaryotic chromosme


  5. prophasethe third phase of mitosis, contains two processes


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