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  1. triploid
  2. cleavage furrows
  3. Fourth process of prophase
  4. Interphase is divided into three phases (....)
  5. mitotic spindle
  1. a formation that allows cytokinesis to occur
  2. b system of microtubules
  3. c Gap 1, Synthesis, and Gap 2
  4. d three sets of chromosomes; represented by "3N"
  5. e The microtubules associate with the kinetochores of the replicated chromosomes

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  1. the long arm of a eukaryotic chromosme
  2. two sets of chromosomes; represented by "2N"
  3. the second phase of mitosis contains only one process
  4. a site found within the centromere of the chromosome; associates with the mitotic spindle during cell division
  5. simple process that only occurs within prokaryotic cells.

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  1. telophasethe fourth phase of mitosis; involves four processes


  2. Anaphasethe third phase of mitosis, contains two processes


  3. Third process of prophaseThe replicated centrosomes centrosomes migrate to opposite poles and a system of microtubules forms


  4. interphasethe rest of the cycle aside from the the four main phases, consumes most of the time during the cell cycle.


  5. Second phase of anaphasethe resulting sister chromatids (daughter chromosomes) are pulled toward the opposite poles of the cell by shortening of the microtubule


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