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  1. Second phase of anaphase
  2. nuclesome core
  3. Third process of prophase
  4. diploid
  5. Binary Fission Step 1
  1. a the resulting sister chromatids (daughter chromosomes) are pulled toward the opposite poles of the cell by shortening of the microtubule
  2. b The replicated centrosomes centrosomes migrate to opposite poles and a system of microtubules forms
  3. c two sets of chromosomes; represented by "2N"
  4. d chromosome attaches to a special plasma membrane. indicates bacterium is about to divide
  5. e found within eukaryotic cells; composed of a cluster of 8 histones

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  1. Chromatin condenses into discrete chromosomes
  2. the fourth phase of mitosis; involves four processes
  3. the short arm of a eukaryotic chromosome
  4. chromatin is arranged into units called...
  5. the duplicated chromosomes separates into sister chromatids.

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  1. triploidthree sets of chromosomes; represented by "3N"


  2. Process of metaphaseThe nuclear membrane andd nucleolus (if present) disintegrate


  3. linker DNADNA that is not wrapped around the nucleosome core


  4. First process of prophaseThe nuclear membrane andd nucleolus (if present) disintegrate


  5. binary fissionthe cell elongate and the chromosomes are pulled apart. Cytoplasm is distributed evenly


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