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  1. Battle of Galveston II
  2. Francis Lubbock
  3. Battle of Sabine Pass II
  4. Battle of Sabine Pass I
  1. a The heroic actions of the 44 defenders of Fort Griffin caused Union actions in the area to cease for month.
  2. b This battle resulted in a Union victory that enabled Union forces to make incursions into the interior of Texas and Louisiana.
  3. c He was Treasurer of the state of Texas after Reconstruction
  4. d During this Battle of Galveston there were 600 Confederate casualties.

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  1. Galveston was first captured by Union forces in 1862 when the Confederate forces withdrew from the island during a 4 four day truce.
  2. After graduating from the U.S. Military Academy he was transferred to the 2nd Calvary in Texas
  3. A four day truce/cease fire was agreed on after a brief exchange of fire between Union ships and Confederate Forts
  4. With this battle, the Confederates started and ended the Civil War victoriously.
  5. This battle was a multicultural affair because it involved Native-American, African-American, Hispanic-American and Anglo-Americans.

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  1. John ReaganThis U.S. Military Academy graduate's greatest feat was the recapture of Galveston from Union forces.


  2. Homestead ActPassed in 1862, it gave 160 acres of public land to any settler who would farm the land for five years.


  3. Thomas GreenHe helped Zachary Taylor capture Mexico City


  4. Battle of Galveston IIThe Confederate forces captured 3 of the Union boats.


  5. Battle of Sabine Pass IIThe Confederate gunners were able force back the Union flotilla sent to land at Fort Griffin and destroy it.


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