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  1. ambiguity
  2. Anadiplosis
  3. fallacy
  4. Red Herring
  5. Rhetoric
  1. a repetition at the end of the phrase at the beginning of the next
    ex: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate
  2. b the art of writing effectively, eloquently, and persuasively
  3. c a statement that may appear to be an argument but is wrong
  4. d To present a distraction in an argument ex: Zoe should not be held accountable for cheating on her test, after all other students have done far worse.
  5. e doubtfulness about the meaning of a word

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  1. rep. of sound in neighboring words
    ex: she sell sea shells
  2. conjunctions between words
  3. less offensive word choice
  4. reverse grammatical structure
  5. rep. of vowel sounds in successive words containing same consonants

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  1. Maliproprismuse of outdated words


  2. Begging the QuestionBelieving something without having enough evidence ex: Paul must be telling the truth because iv'e heard him say that many times before.


  3. Minor PremiseAll girls are pretty.


  4. hyperbolea paradox expressed in two words


  5. allusionreference to something that is presumably well known
    ex: as big as Noah's ark


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