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  1. personification
  2. position
  3. pun
  4. Zeugma
  5. Non Sequitur
  1. a the opinion of the writer and the stance he or she takes
  2. b Something that doesn't follow ex: Jake lives in a large building, therefore his apartment must be large.
  3. c giving a non human object human characteristics
  4. d play on words
  5. e using a verb for two objects
    ex: he opened the door and my heart.

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  1. a hidden meaning in a clause that makes since
  2. an unanswered question because the answer is obvious
  3. the use of slang in speech
  4. a figure of speech that an absent person or object is being referred to
    ex:o death where is your sting?
  5. using a noun as a verb
    ex: Facebooking

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  1. metaphorrepetition of a word at the beginning of clauses.
    ex: the sun is hot, the sun is big, the sun is yellow


  2. antithesisusing a noun as a verb
    ex: Facebooking


  3. Slippery Slopeextreme exaggeration


  4. Anadiplosisrepetition at the end of the phrase at the beginning of the next
    ex: fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate


  5. climaxcomparison of two words using like or as


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