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  1. colloquial
  2. Slippery Slope
  3. assonance
  4. position
  5. rhetorical question
  1. a If you don't get direct TV then you will be bored. If you are bored then you will hang out with undesirables. If you hang out with undesirables then you will have a kid with a dog collar, don't have a kid with a dog collar.
  2. b the use of slang in speech
  3. c rep. of vowel sounds in successive words containing same consonants
  4. d an unanswered question because the answer is obvious
  5. e the opinion of the writer and the stance he or she takes

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  1. Believed superstition about something ex: Alex ran under a ladder the day he ran slow at his meet, therefore going under a ladder will cause him to run slow.
  2. A conclusion without evidence, usually tied to emotions ex: A little kid stole my wallet, therefore all little kids are thieves.
  3. repetition at the end of words or clauses
  4. strict, literal meaning of a word
    ex: "i'm going to kill you" says the murderer
  5. Discredits something before hand ex: This OP sucks but here we go.

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  1. prosea self evident statement


  2. Non SequiturSomething that doesn't follow ex: Jake lives in a large building, therefore his apartment must be large.


  3. anaphorarepetition of a word at the beginning of clauses.
    ex: the sun is hot, the sun is big, the sun is yellow


  4. Begging the Questionan unanswered question because the answer is obvious


  5. hyperboleextreme exaggeration


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