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  1. assonance
  2. alliteration
  3. Slippery Slope
  4. Begging the Question
  5. diction
  1. a rep. of vowel sounds in successive words containing same consonants
  2. b Believing something without having enough evidence ex: Paul must be telling the truth because iv'e heard him say that many times before.
  3. c author's word choice
  4. d rep. of sound in neighboring words
    ex: she sell sea shells
  5. e If you don't get direct TV then you will be bored. If you are bored then you will hang out with undesirables. If you hang out with undesirables then you will have a kid with a dog collar, don't have a kid with a dog collar.

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  1. shows opposing views to prove a point
  2. reverse grammatical structure
  3. a figure of speech that an absent person or object is being referred to
    ex:o death where is your sting?
  4. using a word incorrectly for humor
    ex: a fire distinguish-er
  5. repetition at the end of words or clauses

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  1. colloquialthe use of slang in speech


  2. analogyrepetition of a word at the beginning of clauses.
    ex: the sun is hot, the sun is big, the sun is yellow


  3. climaxarranging in increasing importance


  4. anaphoracomparison of two ideas in order to explain a difficult idea
    ex: i washed my car and it is as shiny as colton's cheek


  5. euphemismuse of outdated words


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