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  1. asyndenton
  2. inductive reasoning
  3. Slippery Slope
  4. metaphor
  5. Zeugma
  1. a reasoning from specific to general
  2. b using a verb for two objects
    ex: he opened the door and my heart.
  3. c an implied comparison of two words
  4. d If you don't get direct TV then you will be bored. If you are bored then you will hang out with undesirables. If you hang out with undesirables then you will have a kid with a dog collar, don't have a kid with a dog collar.
  5. e omission of conjunctions between words

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  1. To present a distraction in an argument ex: Zoe should not be held accountable for cheating on her test, after all other students have done far worse.
  2. the use of slang in speech
  3. using a noun as a verb
    ex: Facebooking
  4. using a word incorrectly for humor
    ex: a fire distinguish-er
  5. Believing something without having enough evidence ex: Paul must be telling the truth because iv'e heard him say that many times before.

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  1. oxymorona paradox expressed in two words


  2. ConclusionTherefore Becky is pretty.


  3. Straw Mana self evident statement


  4. similecomparison of two words using like or as


  5. anaphoracomparison of two ideas in order to explain a difficult idea
    ex: i washed my car and it is as shiny as colton's cheek


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