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  1. Design template
  2. Linked Object
  3. Narrative
  4. Slide
  5. Embedded Object
  1. a an individual screen in a slide show; the basic unit of a presentation
  2. b Contained in an original source file and inserted into a destination file.
  3. c An object created and inserted into the presentation file.
  4. d Design template the color scheme, font, font size, and layout of your presentation
  5. e A presentation that describes a sequence of events.

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  1. File that the linked or embedded object is inserted into
  2. Presentation is played at a moderate pace to allow for user participation.
  3. control the flow of information; how the slides move from previous or next
  4. A polished sequence of effects that can be applied to several slides or the whole show
  5. A collection of frames on a piece of paper

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  1. Hyperlinka link you click to display another webpage or document with in a presentation; can consist of specially formatted text, buttons, and hotspots on graphics or pictures.


  2. Target AudienceA specific group of people in which your message is intended


  3. Title Slidean individual screen in a slide show; the basic unit of a presentation


  4. PersuasiveA presentation given to convince or influence the listener to do a specific thing


  5. Self ServeSelf-paced and often interactive


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