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  1. Scheme
  2. Multimedia
  3. Embedded Object
  4. Target Audience
  5. Narrative
  1. a A polished sequence of effects that can be applied to several slides or the whole show
  2. b Contained in an original source file and inserted into a destination file.
  3. c A specific group of people in which your message is intended
  4. d Using more than one medium to present data such as: text, graphics, animation, video and sound.
  5. e A presentation that describes a sequence of events.

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  1. An object created and inserted into the presentation file.
  2. Little worth or importance
  3. any element that appears on a slide, such as clip art, text, drawings, charts, sounds, and video clips.
  4. a series of slides displayed in sequence; controlled manually or automatically
  5. a link you click to display another webpage or document with in a presentation; can consist of specially formatted text, buttons, and hotspots on graphics or pictures.

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  1. Educationaladds visual interest and emphasizes key parts


  2. StoryboardA collection of frames on a piece of paper


  3. Title Slidegenerally the first slide in a presentation; introduces the presentation to the audience.


  4. Source Filean individual screen in a slide show; the basic unit of a presentation


  5. Transitionsadds visual interest and emphasizes key parts


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