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  1. Operational Planning
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Schedule
  4. Procedure
  5. Unity of Command
  1. a plan for an activity or event
  2. b a set of step by step instructions
  3. c means that no employee has more than one supervisor at a time
  4. d Very specific, short-term planning that applies tactical plans to daily, weekly, and monthly operations.
  5. e strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats

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  1. an organization in which specialists from different parts of the organization are brought together to work on specific projects but still remain part of a line-and-staff structure
  2. A specific statement of what you want to achieve, giving direction to your plan of action
  3. a business is divided into smaller operating units and managers are given almost total responsibility
  4. divides employees into permanent work teams
  5. a specific measurement against which an activity or result is judged

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  1. Line-and-Staff OrganizationManagers have direct control over the units and emplayees they supervise but have access to staff specilist for assistance.


  2. Visonthe main concept you have for your business.


  3. Organization Chartdivides employees into permanent work teams


  4. Line OrganizationAll authority and responsibility can be traced in a direct line from the top executive down to the lowest employee level in the organization.


  5. Flattened Organizationone with fewer levels of management than traditional structures


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