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  1. South beach diet is an eating plan that you stay on for ________
  2. In the biggest loser diet you're supposed to eat a high amount of ____________ to lessen hunger due to the low calories
  3. The zone diet supposedly reduces _________ inflammation
  4. Nutrisystem is supported by a
  5. In nutrisystem half of the grains are
  1. a Cellular inflammation
  2. b Whole grains
  3. c Protein (lean)
  4. d Life
  5. e Major clinical trial

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  1. Prepacked (just like nutrisystem)
  2. Muscle confusion
  3. 6 ; flatten belly
  4. Accelerate, activate, achieve, arrive
  5. Either

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  1. What are these foodsRed wine, dark chocolate, nuts, garlic, fish, fruits, veggies


  2. Major focus is on exercise or nutrition?As long as you don't go over the points


  3. Is it supported by clinical studies?point system


  4. Weight watchers 4 pillars are17 days then you start over


  5. Can you eat whatever you want to?Physical, emotional


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