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  1. 17 day diet follows the 4 A's what are they?
  2. The diet revolves around ____ power foods
  3. South beach diet is an eating plan that you stay on for ________
  4. They can be reached when?
  5. What is 2 MAJOR problems
  1. a 24/7
  2. b 12
  3. c Accelerate, activate, achieve, arrive
  4. d Ketoacidosis (byproduct of lysis of fatty acids for energy source) ; impaired brain function (glucose is main source of energy for brain and your not getting any)
  5. e Life

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  1. Fat / Carb
  2. LDL, and risk of heart disease
  3. Yes (diabetes, vegetarians, etc)
  4. 1) Lose cravings of bad food
    2) Lose weight
    3) Maintenance (life)
  5. BP and LDL

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  1. Whats some consNote enough carbs or dairy


  2. Major focus is on exercise or nutrition?Nutrition


  3. Each phase lasts17 days then you start over


  4. What does the emotional consist ofPhysical, emotional


  5. You eat ____ every mealpoint system


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