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  1. Nutrisystem is used for
  2. What is bad about the diet
  3. One main problem with this is
  4. It has been shown to lower
  5. 17 day diet follows the 4 A's what are they?
  1. a Only a short time
  2. b Lack of calcium, B12, not a lot of protein, VERY LOW FAT
  3. c BP and LDL
  4. d Sometimes the dieter can lose weight too fast; 10-15 lbs in first 17 days
  5. e Accelerate, activate, achieve, arrive

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  1. 1/3 plate low fat protein ; 2/3 colorful carbs
  2. 5%; 10-20%
  3. ~6 years for men ~5 years for women; no
  4. Life
  5. Carbs (ketoacidosis)

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  1. What is the biggest con of the biggest loser diet?Very low calorie intake could be dangerous


  2. How much does zone diet cost a monthPhysical, emotional


  3. How many servings of colorful carbs should you eat (fruits)10 (con is that its hard to eat this much fruit)


  4. What are the 2 componentsPhysical, emotional


  5. This diet mainly uses what type of foods12


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