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  1. Hb A1c
  2. Decrease
  3. 2,3 DPG
  4. Porphyrinemia
  5. Porphyrins
  1. a This type of hemoglobin is an indicator for prolonged glucose concentrations.
  2. b A _________ in blood acidity will increase blood pH causing a shift to the left.
  3. c The presence of a porphyrin in the plasma or serum.
  4. d Of the four factors affecting oxygen transport which is the most significant?
  5. e The accumulation of ________ are toxic to tissues in high concentrations.

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  1. The average life span of _______ is 120 days
  2. A green pigmented compound formed by the addition of a hydrogen sulfide molecule to Hb
  3. This is excreted in the Feces and gives it the yellow/brown color.
  4. a compoud of hemoglobin where one or more iron molecules are oxidized from the ferrous state to the ferric state.
  5. present in human RBC's at about the same molar ratio as hemoglobin.

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  1. COHb )Carboxy)compound formed by the binding of carbon monoxide (CO) to the heme iron.


  2. MyoglobinA heme protein found in the muscle tissue, it serves as a reserve supply of O2 and requires lower O2 pressure to release oxygen


  3. BloodThis contains most of the Iron (Fe) in the body.


  4. Porphyrinuriaexcessive excretion of one or more porphyrins in the urine.


  5. PorphyrinAminolevelunic acid (ALA) Synthase is the enzyme that catalyzes the initial step in _________ synthesis.


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