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  1. Photoporphyrias
  2. RBC's
  3. COHb )Carboxy)
  4. Hb F
  5. Lead
  1. a This is the major type of Hemoglobin in fetal life. represents 70-90% of total hemoglobin
  2. b Exposure to light can result in swelling, itchy skin, and fluid accumulation are signs of ________.
  3. c This prohibits all steps in porphyrin synthesis.
  4. d The average life span of _______ is 120 days
  5. e compound formed by the binding of carbon monoxide (CO) to the heme iron.

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  1. present in human RBC's at about the same molar ratio as hemoglobin.
  2. Of the four factors affecting oxygen transport which is the most significant?
  3. Which type of Hemoglobin is the most common in adults?
  4. One of the critical functions of Hemoglobin involves the transport of ________.
  5. What is the name for oxygenated hemoglobin?

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  1. Pyrrole_____ rings are the cyclic compounds that serve as the building blocks for porphyrins.


  2. Hemoglobin__________ oxygen carrying protein found in red blood cells (erythrocytes) it is a tetrameric protein containing four heme groups and four polypeptide protein chains


  3. PorphyrinsThe accumulation of ________ are toxic to tissues in high concentrations.


  4. Hb A2Which type of Hemoglobin is the most common in adults?


  5. Hb FMost common abnormal type of hemoglobin


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