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  1. Porphyrin
  2. RBC's
  3. Lead
  4. Porphyrinuria
  5. Phagocyte
  1. a A ________ is a cyclic comoound formed by the linkage of 4 tetra pyrrole rings with 8 hydrogen ions.
  2. b This prohibits all steps in porphyrin synthesis.
  3. c The average life span of _______ is 120 days
  4. d excessive excretion of one or more porphyrins in the urine.
  5. e Iron is released from the heme in the ______ and then returned to the plasma

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  1. A _________ in blood acidity will increase blood pH causing a shift to the left.
  2. Aminolevelunic acid (ALA) Synthase is the enzyme that catalyzes the initial step in _________ synthesis.
  3. Where is Hb hydrolyed by enzymes into both heme and globin?
  4. The adult range of this type of blood is less than 0.4%
  5. This is the major type of Hemoglobin in fetal life. represents 70-90% of total hemoglobin

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  1. ThalassemiasThe _____ are a group of diseaases associated with hereditary and acquired deficiencies in the heme biosynthetic pathway.


  2. Hemoglobin__________ oxygen carrying protein found in red blood cells (erythrocytes) it is a tetrameric protein containing four heme groups and four polypeptide protein chains


  3. OxyhemoglobinWhat is the name for oxygenated hemoglobin?


  4. Hb SWhich type of Hemoglobin is the most common in adults?


  5. CO2Hb (Amino)a compoud of hemoglobin where one or more iron molecules are oxidized from the ferrous state to the ferric state.


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