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  1. S-Hb (Sulf)
  2. COHb )Carboxy)
  3. Porphyrias
  4. Myoglobin
  5. Porphyrinuria
  1. a The _____ are a group of diseaases associated with hereditary and acquired deficiencies in the heme biosynthetic pathway.
  2. b A heme protein found in the muscle tissue, it serves as a reserve supply of O2 and requires lower O2 pressure to release oxygen
  3. c excessive excretion of one or more porphyrins in the urine.
  4. d compound formed by the binding of carbon monoxide (CO) to the heme iron.
  5. e A green pigmented compound formed by the addition of a hydrogen sulfide molecule to Hb

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  1. This contains most of the Iron (Fe) in the body.
  2. Most common abnormal type of hemoglobin
  3. One of the critical functions of Hemoglobin involves the transport of ________.
  4. Aminolevelunic acid (ALA) Synthase is the enzyme that catalyzes the initial step in _________ synthesis.
  5. Where is Hb hydrolyed by enzymes into both heme and globin?

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  1. OxyhemoglobinWhat is the name for oxygenated hemoglobin?


  2. ThalassemiasThis prohibits all steps in porphyrin synthesis.


  3. PorphyrinsThe accumulation of ________ are toxic to tissues in high concentrations.


  4. RBC'sDue to the lack of a ______ the average RBC lives for approx. 120 days


  5. Protein_____ rings are the cyclic compounds that serve as the building blocks for porphyrins.


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