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  1. Trademark
  2. the production sequence, what will be done first, second, third in the factory
  3. production marker
  4. Extrinsic product attributes
  5. Duplicates
  1. a can be altered without changing the garment (price, image, packaging)
  2. b pattern pieces are arranged for layout and cutting where the goal is to tightly arrange pieces to reduce waste.
  3. c Final garment spec sheets include:
  4. d additional samples for sales reps and/or marketing center showrooms, also provides the opportunity for adjustments to avoid future problems
  5. e companies individual registered mark or name for a product (Lycra)

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  1. ensure consistency
  2. staff the store with people who are qualified & trained to handle the work that needs to be done.
  3. created to sell merchandise...that is the goal
  4. occasionally shop or may be attracted to shop, offers potential for business to grow
  5. planning, managing, and maintaining the retail building

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  1. Wall racks, Rounders, Four-way or stars, t shaped stands, I-beams, collection fixtures.In selection styles for final adoption the goal is to:


  2. Production labor costsIf the labor is inexpensive, may do more by hand, rather than use expensive equipment.


  3. Fit modelused to assess fit and style, represents body proportions of target customer


  4. 1)Piece together elements
    2) Repeat a fabric pattern
    3) simulate drape on figure
    4) Experiment with color/fabric changes
    5) SRE & proportion
    CAD (computer aided design)


  5. Traditional pattern makingBegin with a basic pattern, sloper or block, on heavywight paper called oaktag, patternmaker adds details


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