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  1. Traditional pattern making
  2. Wall racks, Rounders, Four-way or stars, t shaped stands, I-beams, collection fixtures.
  3. Merchandising
  4. Promotional Stores
  5. Pattern making from draped design
  1. a The activities involved in planning and developement of merchandise line for targeted customers to provide them with what they want, when they want it,at prices that they can afford and are willing to pay.
  2. b Fixtures include?
  3. c Begin with a basic pattern, sloper or block, on heavywight paper called oaktag, patternmaker adds details
  4. d Design developed by cutting, molding, pinning in expensive fabric or muslin.
  5. e any store that is price directed, specialty department or r mass merch, special buys and frequent sales

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  1. US retail is dominated by large chains
  2. gives the customer a pecific time and reason, can enhance stores ID, and builds customer loyalty.
  3. involves the planning writing designing and scheduling of paid announcements. largest part of the retail budget
  4. clearance stores run by retailers, out of season or slow moving merc
  5. Most appropriate products for private label:

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  1. Extrinsic product attributescannot be changed without changing the product itself (color)


  2. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)teleconferencing and virtual computer mock-ups, planograms & Photographs


  3. Market weeksA group of customers identified thru a process of market segmentation that have similar wants and needs for a ertain product or service.


  4. Publicity (PR)additional samples for sales reps and/or marketing center showrooms, also provides the opportunity for adjustments to avoid future problems


  5. Image Advertisingpromoting the image or the general perception of the product/service not the functional attributes, most effective for large companies, merch is of secondary importance.


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