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  1. Presentation package
  2. Fit model
  3. Specialty stores- single brand or private label
  4. Buyer
  5. Merchandising
  1. a purchases merchandise in accordance with the merchandising plan, and sales and profit goals
  2. b used to assess fit and style, represents body proportions of target customer
  3. c The activities involved in planning and developement of merchandise line for targeted customers to provide them with what they want, when they want it,at prices that they can afford and are willing to pay.
  4. d only carry private label merchandise, establish store names as brand...Gap, Limited
  5. e teleconferencing and virtual computer mock-ups, planograms & Photographs

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  1. the variety of colors available for a style
  2. involves the planning writing designing and scheduling of paid announcements. largest part of the retail budget
  3. The ability of a line to sell regularly and steadily at full price.
  4. If the labor is inexpensive, may do more by hand, rather than use expensive equipment.
  5. more costly to grade styles that have many more pieces or that are produced in many sizes

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  1. Selective DistributionOnly certain types of stores, based on amount ordered, geographic area, ect.


  2. Off-price retailerslink between the manufacturer & consumer. True success in the fashion business is achieved at the retail level.


  3. develope a tight group of styles that will sell well at market.In selection styles for final adoption the goal is to:


  4. 1)Piece together elements
    2) Repeat a fabric pattern
    3) simulate drape on figure
    4) Experiment with color/fabric changes
    5) SRE & proportion
    CAD (computer aided design)


  5. Wall racks, Rounders, Four-way or stars, t shaped stands, I-beams, collection fixtures.Fixtures include?


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