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  1. 1. moderate and entry price point categories
    2.basic apparel
    3. easy-fit
    4. category with weak or no competing brand
    5. Jeans for a price point alternative to major brands
  2. Retailing
  3. Standards manual
  4. Traditional pattern making
  5. Age, Gender, Income, Geographic location, occupation
  1. a Most appropriate products for private label:
  2. b link between the manufacturer & consumer. True success in the fashion business is achieved at the retail level.
  3. c Demographic characteristics
  4. d ensure consistency
  5. e Begin with a basic pattern, sloper or block, on heavywight paper called oaktag, patternmaker adds details

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  1. The ability of a line to sell regularly and steadily at full price.
  2. Developing countries used for sourcing:
  3. charge a small membership fee, deep discounts, general merch, warehouse setting.
  4. any store that is price directed, specialty department or r mass merch, special buys and frequent sales
  5. a 12 digit number which identifies manufacturer and merchandise items by stock keeping units (sku) which includes vendor, style, color, and size.

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  1. Outlet Storesclearance stores run by retailers, out of season or slow moving merc


  2. Publicity (PR)not controlled by the marketer, but the primary advantage is that it is free.


  3. Wall racks, Rounders, Four-way or stars, t shaped stands, I-beams, collection fixtures.Fixtures include?


  4. Target MarketA group of customers identified thru a process of market segmentation that have similar wants and needs for a ertain product or service.


  5. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Focuses on communications between companies


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