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  1. Retailing
  2. Outlet Stores
  3. Fit model
  4. Special Events
  5. Off-price retailers
  1. a Offer special buys, closeout, over runs, off colors, manufacturing returns
  2. b gives the customer a pecific time and reason, can enhance stores ID, and builds customer loyalty.
  3. c used to assess fit and style, represents body proportions of target customer
  4. d clearance stores run by retailers, out of season or slow moving merc
  5. e link between the manufacturer & consumer. True success in the fashion business is achieved at the retail level.

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  1. US retail is dominated by large chains
  2. stores with different departments: furniture,accessories, china..ect
  3. not controlled by the marketer, but the primary advantage is that it is free.
  4. CAD (computer aided design)
  5. can be altered without changing the garment (price, image, packaging)

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  1. Market weeksprimary times during the year when lines are shown to retail buyers.


  2. Cooperative Advertisingpromoting the image or the general perception of the product/service not the functional attributes, most effective for large companies, merch is of secondary importance.


  3. Product Developementpattern pieces are arranged for layout and cutting where the goal is to tightly arrange pieces to reduce waste.


  4. Pattern gradingEach pattern piece is remade for each size


  5. Standards manualensure consistency


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