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  1. Trademark
  2. retail buyer order placement:
  3. production marker
  4. Outlet Stores
  5. Final Cost
  1. a companies individual registered mark or name for a product (Lycra)
  2. b manufactures cost to produce the goods, includes all costs to produce a garment including labor and material
  3. c pattern pieces are arranged for layout and cutting where the goal is to tightly arrange pieces to reduce waste.
  4. d clearance stores run by retailers, out of season or slow moving merc
  5. e 1. not every style presented to buyers will be produced
    2. must have suffiecent number of orders for the style and the color.

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  1. involves the planning writing designing and scheduling of paid announcements. largest part of the retail budget
  2. Begin with a basic pattern, sloper or block, on heavywight paper called oaktag, patternmaker adds details
  3. Offer special buys, closeout, over runs, off colors, manufacturing returns
  4. Most appropriate products for private label:
  5. Focuses on communications between companies

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  1. Multiple-unit stores (chains)US retail is dominated by large chains


  2. Buyerpurchases merchandise in accordance with the merchandising plan, and sales and profit goals


  3. tarrifstaxes assessed by government on imports


  4. Pattern making from draped designDesign developed by cutting, molding, pinning in expensive fabric or muslin.


  5. 1)putting a stores label on a slightly changed manufacturer developed product line.
    2)purchasing goods from manufactures who develop exclusively for retailer- not conventional manufactures brand merch/ well rec labels
    3)Selecting goods developed by a resident buying office for non-competing retailers (RBO)
    4)developing manufacturing goods under stores label (specification buying) Macys charter club
    only carry private label merchandise, establish store names as brand...Gap, Limited


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