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  1. Open kinetic chain
  2. Sensory and motor innervation of the UE
  3. Frontal lobe
  4. V
  5. Corticospinal tract
  1. a Where is the motor cortex located
  2. b The tract that is also called the pyramidial tract and which carries motor impulses is called
  3. c The brachial plexus supplies
  4. d Which of the following cranial nerves has a sensory and motor function
  5. e During a _____ reaction the insertion moves toward the orgin

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  1. The part of the brain which controls life-supporting functions (heart rate, respiratory rate) is the
  2. An example of a muscle with the a triangular muscle fiber arrangement
  3. The part of the brain that controls coordination of movement and equalibrium is the
  4. The muscle which is relaxed while the primary mover contracts is known as the
  5. An example of a descending efferent pathway in the central nervous system is the

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  1. Supplies the lower extremityThe lumbosacral plexus


  2. IWhich of the following cranial nerves is not involved with the eye (vision or eye movement)


  3. MetacarpophalangealThe ______ joint is a biaxial joint because it allows motion in two places


  4. Anterior/ventral horn of the gray matter of the spinal cordThe pheriphial nerves that control motor function originate in the


  5. MultipennateAn example of muscles where the fibers run obliquely, and which have smaller range of motion but greater strength potential


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