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  1. Corticospinal tract
  2. An area on the skin supplied by motor nerve fibers
  3. Acetabulofemoral
  4. Proximal
  5. Frontal lobe
  1. a In the anatomical position the shoulder is______ to the elbow
  2. b An example of a descending efferent pathway in the central nervous system is the
  3. c Where is the motor cortex located
  4. d The _____ joint is a triaxial joint because it allows motion in 3 planes
  5. e A myotome refers to

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  1. An example of muscles where the fibers run obliquely, and which have smaller range of motion but greater strength potential
  2. A jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane
  3. The intervertebral disks are examples of what type of joint
  4. The pheriphial nerves that control motor function originate in the
  5. The brachial plexus supplies

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  1. TriangularA jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane


  2. BrainstemThe part of the brain which controls life-supporting functions (heart rate, respiratory rate) is the


  3. StrapThe Sartorius muscle is an example of a _________ muscle


  4. SagittalThe motion that occurs around a knee joint when kicking a soccer ball occurs in the _____plane


  5. Low muscle toneDuring a contraction the muslce length shortens as the muscle attachment moves toward each other


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