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  1. Traction epiphysis of the tibial tuberosity
  2. Frontal
  3. Pectoralis major
  4. Stabilizer
  5. Elasticity
  1. a A muscle or muscle group that supports a part to allow the agonist to move more efficiently is called a
  2. b The ability of a muscle to return to resting length after the stretching or shortening force had been removed is called
  3. c An example of a muscle with the a triangular muscle fiber arrangement
  4. d Osgood-Schlatter disease occurs in growing children who are active in sports and experience pain when the patellar tendon becomes inflamed at the
  5. e A jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane

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  1. When the joint is relaxed and most pliable, it is referred to as
  2. In the anatomical position when the elbow moves from flexion to extension while slowing the effects of gravity the biceps brachii is moving
  3. The Sartorius muscle is an example of a _________ muscle
  4. The _____ joint is a triaxial joint because it allows motion in 3 planes
  5. During a _____ reaction the insertion moves toward the orgin

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  1. FacialWhat is the name of the cranial nerve that when damaged results in Bell's Palsy


  2. ProximalIn the anatomical position the shoulder is______ to the elbow


  3. Size and shapeThe Sartorius muscle is an example of a _________ muscle


  4. Corticospinal tractDuring a contraction the muslce length shortens as the muscle attachment moves toward each other


  5. Frontal lobeA jumping jack would occur in the ______ plane


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