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  1. Why do we celebrate Easter?
  2. What is the "Litany of Our Lady"?
  3. How did the Isrealites renew their Covenant with God?
  4. What is a Covenant?
  5. What is Palm Sunday?
  1. a To celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus
  2. b By promising to keep God's Commandments and to live as his Chosen People.
  3. c An Agreement
  4. d A prayer in which we honor Mary with many titles.
  5. e The Day we proclaim Jesus the King of Heaven and Earth

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  1. Because he saved us and now sits at the right hand of God the Father.
  2. The home of the High Priest
  3. Our sufferings
  4. Our fears
  5. Peter, James, and John

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  1. What does the Holy Spirit do for us?The Holy Spirit helps us know and love God, pray, and do the work of Jesus.


  2. What did Jesus breath on the disciples?40 days after Easter Sunday on Ascension Thursday


  3. What is Passover?An Agreement


  4. What is Pentacost?The celebrating of the Holy Spirit coming to the apostles in the form of wind and fire and the shape of tongues of fire resting on their heads.


  5. What is the Assumption?The mystery of Jesus being lifted into Heaven into his Father's presence.


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