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  1. Orbicular (Challenge)
  2. Prefigure (Challenge)
  3. Circumlunar (Challenge)
  4. Encyclopedic
  5. Circumambulate (Challenge)
  1. a adj. Possessing information about many subjects or intensively about one subject
  2. b adj. Rotating about or surrounding the moon
  3. c adj. Like an orb; circular; ring-like; spherical; rounded
  4. d v. To walk or go about or around, especially ceremoniously
  5. e v. 1. To show or represent beforehand by a figure or type; foreshadow 2. To picture or represent to oneself beforehand; imagine

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  1. n. 1. Roman Catholic Church, a letter addressed by the pope to all the bishops of the church adj. 2. (of a letter) Intended for wide or general circulation; general
  2. <L. "wheel"
  3. adj. Traveling, etc., around the sun
  4. adj. Roundabout; indirect
  5. <G. "wheel," "circle"

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  1. Circa (Challenge)adv. prep. About; (used especially in) approximate dates


  2. Cirque (Challenge)n. 1. A small circle 2. A ring 3. A ring shaped ornament, especially for the head


  3. CIRCUM<L. "circle," "anything round"


  4. Figurative<L. "form," "shape"


  5. Circumspect<L. "around"


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