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  1. incomplete dominance
  2. Punnett square
  3. codominance
  4. trait
  5. allele
  1. a specific characteristic that varies from one individual to another
  2. b form of a gene
  3. c both genes contribute to the phenotype of the organism, ex. spotted or striped
  4. d diagram that shows the possible results of a genetic cross; parents' gametes on top and left, offsprings' genotypes inside
  5. e creates a blended phenotype; one allele is not completely dominant over the other

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  1. sex cell; sperm or egg
  2. genetic makeup of an organism
  3. three or more alleles exist for a particular trait
  4. inherited two identical alleles for a trait; homozygous or purebred
  5. trait that will only appear in the phenotype if organism inherits two of them; covered up by the dominant gene

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  1. heterozygoushas two different alleles for a particular trait; hybrid, ex. Pp


  2. polygenic traittrait controlled by two or more genes; shows a wide variety of phenotypes


  3. sex-linked traittrait related to a gene that is found on the X or Y chromosomes


  4. homozygoushas two identical alleles for a particular trait; true-breeding or purebred, ex. PP or pp


  5. independent assortmentprinciple that genes do not influence each other's inheritance because they are separated independently during meiosis


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