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  1. pathology
  2. gastralgia
  3. cytologist
  4. histoblast
  5. electrocardiogram
  1. a the science of studying disease
  2. b picture (tracing) representing the electrical activity of the heart during the cardiac cycle
  3. c stomach pain
  4. d a technologist who studies cellular disease
  5. e immature tissue cells

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  1. technologist who performs sonography
  2. pertaining to the duodenum
  3. abnormally enlarged self-image
  4. low numbers of erythrocytes
  5. instrument used to count cells

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  1. melanoblastimmature tissue cells


  2. gastricstomach pain


  3. thrombocytosishigh numbers of thrombocytes


  4. xanthemiaabnormally red blood due to too many erythrocytes


  5. leukodermadark patches of skin


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