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  1. sonogram
  2. etiology
  3. radiogram
  4. cytology
  5. sonographer
  1. a the science of studying cells
  2. b the study of the origin of disease
  3. c image of the body produced by computerized reflected sound
  4. d technologist who performs sonography
  5. e x-ray picture

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  1. the science of studying tissues
  2. high numbers of thrombocytes
  3. incision into
  4. physician specialist in the study of disease
  5. pigment cell

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  1. dermatomethe science of studying the skin


  2. radiologistphysician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities


  3. leukocytewhite blood cell


  4. lymphocytewhite blood cell


  5. duodenumfirst part of the small intestine


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