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  1. leukoderma
  2. erythroblast
  3. sonographer
  4. blastocyte
  5. tomogram
  1. a technologist who performs sonography
  2. b immature cell
  3. c picture made by a tomograph
  4. d immature red blood cell
  5. e abnormally white skin

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  1. platelets, blood-clotting cell fragments
  2. the science of studying tissues
  3. yellow appearance due to high bilirubin level in the blood
  4. instrument used to count cells
  5. picture (tracing) representing the electrical activity of the heart during the cardiac cycle

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  1. erythrocytesplatelets, blood-clotting cell fragments


  2. erythrocytopenialow numbers of erythrocytes


  3. radiographprocess of producing radiograms


  4. duodenotomyfirst part of the small intestine


  5. leukocytosishigh numbers of erythrocytes


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