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  1. sonographer
  2. sonography
  3. melanocyte
  4. erythrocytosis
  5. cytology
  1. a high numbers of erythrocytes
  2. b technologist who performs sonography
  3. c process of using an sonograph
  4. d the science of studying cells
  5. e pigment cell

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  1. physician specialist in heart disease
  2. instrument used to count cells
  3. abnormally enlarged self-image
  4. stomach
  5. stomach pain

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  1. jaundiceyellow appearance due to high bilirubin level in the blood


  2. erythrodermared blood cells


  3. radiologistphysician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities


  4. -algiapain


  5. leukocytopenialow numbers of leukocytes


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