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  1. duodenal
  2. gastrostomy
  3. electrocardiograph
  4. erythroderma
  5. echocardiography
  1. a pertaining to the duodenum
  2. b redness of the skin
  3. c sonography of the heart
  4. d making a new opening in the stomach
  5. e instrument that produces the electrocardiogram

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  1. immature red blood cell
  2. excision of the stomach
  3. process of using the electrocardiograph
  4. immature tissue cells
  5. pertaining to the lymph system

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  1. pathologistphysician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities


  2. -algiapain


  3. etiologythe science of studying disease


  4. melanodermadark patches of skin


  5. erythrocytosisred blood cells


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