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  1. Milky Way Galaxy
  2. Elliptical
  3. Radio telescope
  4. Aurora
  5. Space probe
  1. a the name given to the spiral galaxy of which the Sun and its solar system are a part
  2. b contains instruments and travels through space to gather information and transmit it back to Earth
  3. c the slightly oval shape of Earth's orbit around the Sun
  4. d illumination of the sky near the poles as a result of solar particles entering the ionosphere
  5. e an instrument that uses a large antenna to gather radio waves emitted from objects (stars and galaxies) in space
    Satellite (man-made) an object place in orbit that contains instruments and/or telescopes to collect information from space

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  1. higher than usual high tides and lower than usual low tides caused by the lining up of the Sun, Moon, and Earth; occur when the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon are combined
  2. a tool used to collect visible light, then uses lenses or mirrors to focus the light producing larger, brighter images; may be reflecting or refracting
  3. most prominent layer of the Sun's atmosphere; emits the light we see; is blocked during a total eclipse
  4. the amount of matter in an object; is the same no matter where the object is located
  5. dark areas of the Sun's surface, which are cooler than surrounding areas

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  1. Seasonsdark areas of the Sun's surface, which are cooler than surrounding areas


  2. Crescent moonone-half of the lighted side of the Moon faces Earth


  3. Galaxyregions in outer space made up of billions of stars, gas, and dust clouds; they have different shapes - elliptical, spiral, irregular


  4. Phases of the Moonthe appearance of the Moon that depends on how much of the sunlit side of the Moon faces Earth


  5. New moonall of the lighted side faces the Earth


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