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  1. Pigeon Voting
  2. Germane
  3. Arranging a Conference
  4. Pairing
  5. Line Item Veto
  1. a to kill a bill
  2. b having something to do with the bill
  3. c condition decided by Rules Committee, send to floor, vote
  4. d 2 Congressmen on opposite sides of an issue agree not to vote
  5. e Pres cannot veto parts of the bill

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  1. committee has closed door meetings to finalize the version of the bill, during Committee Hearing
  2. Pres does nothing with the bill when sent to him, the Houses don't stay in session, killing the bill
  3. in House, acts as a traffic cop, decides when the bill gets passed/pigeon holed and under what conditions
  4. affect country as a whole
  5. House decides when bill gets passed
    all public bills go here

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  1. Quorum Calldelaying tactic


  2. Appropriations Billaffect a single person or group


  3. Closed Rulescondition decided by Rules Committee, allow for debate or amendments


  4. Resolutionpassed by both House ans Senate, if signed by Pres, has force of law


  5. Discharge Petitionpassed by either House or Senate


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