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  1. Hoovervilles
  2. default
  3. soap operas
  4. Francis PErkins
  5. Mary McLeod Bethune
  1. a top ranking African American in the government
  2. b continuing dramas sponsored by soap companies
  3. c communities if rundown shacks where the poor, homeless people lived
  4. d Secretary of Labor who created the Social Security Act
  5. e to fail to repay one's loans

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  1. her photos were considered the symbol of the Great Depression
  2. created the Indian New Deal
  3. writer who wrote books that helped people cope with the Depression
  4. workers stay in the factory but stop porduction
  5. a tax that comes directly from workers' paychecks

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  1. Mariah Andersoncontinuing dramas sponsored by soap companies


  2. Francis TownsendCalifornia doctor who called for pensions


  3. deficit spendingSecretary of Labor who created the Social Security Act


  4. bonusextra payment


  5. overproductionretirement payments


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