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  1. Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. default
  3. Francis Townsend
  4. Hoovervilles
  5. Black Tuesday
  1. a to fail to repay one's loans
  2. b October 29, 1929- the day the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began
  3. c communities if rundown shacks where the poor, homeless people lived
  4. d FDR's wife who was an active First Lady
  5. e California doctor who called for pensions

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  1. workers stay in the factory but stop porduction
  2. radio talks introduced by Pres. Roosevelt
  3. formed CIO union
  4. top ranking African American in the government
  5. Catholic priest who said the government should take over the banks

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  1. collective bargainingthe government spends more money than it receives in taxes


  2. pensionto lose strength or power over time


  3. bonusto fail to repay one's loans


  4. John Steinbeckwriter who wrote books that helped people cope with the Depression


  5. Huey Longretirement payments


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