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  1. tangential
  2. futile
  3. somber
  4. incoherent
  5. suppress
  1. a peripheral, diverging from a previous course of action or though (adj)
  2. b unable to speak clearly and/or logically (adj)
  3. c useless, ineffectual (adj)
  4. d solemn, dark, gloomy (adj)
  5. e to prevent something from being seen, heard, or known (verb)

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  1. fanatic (noun)
  2. to break a law, contract, or treaty in a relationship (verb)/ such a break (noun)
  3. to show someone to be involved (in a crime or scheme) (verb)
  4. deep, seemingly bottomless fissure or chasm (noun)
  5. to floor or overwhelm (verb)

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  1. denunciationnot original, coming from another source (ex: music, idea) (adj)


  2. inarticulateto disable (verb)


  3. frailcareful with money or food (adj)


  4. unrequitednot disconcerted, remaining poised (adj)


  5. flippantyoung bird, inexperienced person (noun)


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