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  1. subdued
  2. chasm
  3. tenacious
  4. idiosyncrasy
  5. meek
  1. a tamed, toned down (adj)
  2. b something eccentric or very individualized (noun)
  3. c humble and submissive, piously gentle (adj)
  4. d deep fissure or opening in the earth or rock, wide difference in attitudes or interests (noun)
  5. e holding fast, persistent (adj)

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  1. overexcited (adj)
  2. holder of an unorthodox opinion (noun)
  3. strong antipathy (noun)
  4. to satisfy (thirst) by drinking (verb)
  5. authorization granted by a company to sell its goods or services in a certain way (verb)/ pro sports teams (noun)

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  1. disperseto distribute over a wide area, to leave and go seperate ways (verb)


  2. pivotalvery small, accurate, detailed precise (adj)


  3. temperto discourage someone because of fear or dislike of consequences (verb)


  4. futileuseless, ineffectual (adj)


  5. tangibleto distort unintentionally (ex: message) (verb)


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