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  1. surmise
  2. garble
  3. haughty
  4. superfluous
  5. tirade
  1. a more than enough, needless (adj)
  2. b to distort unintentionally (ex: message) (verb)
  3. c a long vehement denunciation (noun)
  4. d arrogantly self-admiring (adj)
  5. e make a guess (verb) / conjecture (noun)

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  1. to cause decay, infection, or a bad quality (verb), trace of (noun)
  2. comic dramatic work based on ludicrously improbably events, absurdly futile proceedings (noun)
  3. easily fooled or deceived (adj)
  4. use of a milder or better term for something to be too harsh, direct, or negative (noun)
  5. to slander (verb)/ injurious (adj)

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  1. idiosyncrasysomething eccentric or very individualized (noun)


  2. repugnantcareful with money or food (adj)


  3. anticlimaxdisappointingly trivial conclusion to something significant (noun)


  4. giddyoverexcited (adj)


  5. adjudicateto show someone to be involved (in a crime or scheme) (verb)


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