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  1. flippant
  2. succinct
  3. temper
  4. diffuse
  5. futile
  1. a to moderate or mitigate, to bring or proper hardness (verb)
  2. b useless, ineffectual (adj)
  3. c to spread out (verb)/ spread out (non concentrated) (adj)
  4. d treating serious matters too lightly, being disrespectful (adj)
  5. e concise (adj)

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  1. unable to speak clearly (adj)
  2. to disable (verb)
  3. tedious or annoying (adj)
  4. a variable or inconstant person (noun)
  5. hollow between two wave crests (noun)

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  1. impairsilly, senseless (adj)


  2. derivativeto violate a sacred place with violence or profanity (verb)


  3. recountto narrate in detail, to count again (adj)


  4. minutevery small, accurate, detailed precise (adj)


  5. implausibleto damage or weaken (verb)


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