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  1. chameleon
  2. analogous
  3. placate
  4. zealot
  5. flippant
  1. a fanatic (noun)
  2. b to pacify or mollify (verb)
  3. c a variable or inconstant person (noun)
  4. d treating serious matters too lightly, being disrespectful (adj)
  5. e partially similar or parallel (adj)

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  1. hollow between two wave crests (noun)
  2. to pronounce clearly, express an idea in definite terms (verb)
  3. flexible, pliant (adj)
  4. inspiring fear or dread (adj)
  5. mutual trust and sociability among friends (noun)

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  1. fleetinguseless, ineffectual (adj)


  2. somberto moderate or mitigate, to bring or proper hardness (verb)


  3. adjudicateto act as a judge (verb)


  4. desecratean absolute ruler (noun)


  5. anticlimaxdisappointingly trivial conclusion to something significant (noun)


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