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  1. stalemate
  2. disperse
  3. tangible
  4. chasm
  5. celestial
  1. a heavenly, of the sky (adj)
  2. b to distribute over a wide area, to leave and go seperate ways (verb)
  3. c deadlock (noun)
  4. d deep fissure or opening in the earth or rock, wide difference in attitudes or interests (noun)
  5. e perceptible by touch, clearly intelligible (not visionary) (adj)

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  1. rewarding (adj)
  2. use of a milder or better term for something to be too harsh, direct, or negative (noun)
  3. to damage or weaken (verb)
  4. tamed, toned down (adj)
  5. disgusting, something aversive (adj)

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  1. heresyholder of an unorthodox opinion (noun)


  2. irksometedious or annoying (adj)


  3. franchisefragile, delicate (adj)


  4. abstainto damage or weaken (verb)


  5. succulentto narrate in detail, to count again (adj)


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