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  1. repugnant
  2. heretic
  3. denunciation
  4. trough
  5. desecrate
  1. a disgusting, something aversive (adj)
  2. b public condemnation (noun)
  3. c to violate a sacred place with violence or profanity (verb)
  4. d holder of an unorthodox opinion (noun)
  5. e hollow between two wave crests (noun)

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  1. deep, seemingly bottomless fissure or chasm (noun)
  2. deep fissure or opening in the earth or rock, wide difference in attitudes or interests (noun)
  3. inspiring fear or dread (adj)
  4. to spread out (verb)/ spread out (non concentrated) (adj)
  5. crucial person or point (eg in a scheme or enterprise) (adj)

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  1. surmiseuseless, ineffectual (adj)


  2. karmadestiny, how actions in previous lives decide your future state (noun)


  3. virtuosogap in a series, break (noun)


  4. malignto slander (verb)/ injurious (adj)


  5. suppressopinion or practice contrary to whats normally accepted (noun)


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