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  1. foreboding
  2. diffuse
  3. karma
  4. foresight
  5. anticlimax
  1. a disappointingly trivial conclusion to something significant (noun)
  2. b sense of doom, expectation of trouble (noun)
  3. c to spread out (verb)/ spread out (non concentrated) (adj)
  4. d ability to think ahead and provide what will be needed (noun)
  5. e destiny, how actions in previous lives decide your future state (noun)

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  1. flexible, pliant (adj)
  2. to amass, collect a supply (verb)
  3. deep fissure or opening in the earth or rock, wide difference in attitudes or interests (noun)
  4. to pacify or mollify (verb)
  5. to condemn, accuse publicly (verb)

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  1. inundateto floor or overwhelm (verb)


  2. deprivationstate of lacking something (housing, food, employment, love) (noun)


  3. unfazedtamed, toned down (adj)


  4. quenchto break a law, contract, or treaty in a relationship (verb)/ such a break (noun)


  5. inanedecrease in importance (verb)/ decline (noun)


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