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  1. land quality problems in texas
  2. Motor Vehicle Sales, Leases
  3. contributory program
  4. where do the majority of pollutants come from?
  5. The State Highway Fund
  1. a Used for purposes related to the construction and maintenance of highways and roads
  2. b -erosion
    -loss of mineral deposits
    -erosion of beaches and shipping channels
    -destruction of landscape
    -where to put waste
    -what waste to store
  3. c Tax on the sale of a motor vehicle or a lease

    The rate is 6 1/4 percent and is calculated on the purchase price of the vehicle
  4. d social programs financed in whole by taxation or other mandatory contributions by their present or future recipients
    examples:medicare and social security
  5. e -petro chemical industries
    -vehicles in major metropolitan areas
    -unregulated trucking interests from Mexico

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  1. 470 students
  2. -safe drinking water act of 1974
    -clean water act of 1977
    -clean air act of 1990
  3. Underwrites public school textbooks and part of the Foundation School Program

    Is the major source of state aid for local school districts.
  4. -the federal government
    -state governments
  5. -reduce welfare caseloads, promote work and reduce out-of-wedlock-births
    -"reducing poverty" is not listed? wat?
    -has decreased the number of americans on welfare (60%) has increased the number of those returning to work by providing transportation funds and temporary shelters

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  1. noncontributory programssocial programs that provide assistance to people on the basis of demonstrated need rather than any contribution they have made
    examples:TANF, Medicaid


  2. Article VII, Section 1a legal obligation of the federal government to provide payments to individuals according to eligibility criteria or benefit rules


  3. Edgewood ISD vs. Kirbyestablished that a persons benefits can not be taken away if qualified for without due process- in the form of a hearing


  4. types of welfare programs-social security
    -Food Stamps


  5. welfare to workfare cons-time limits for aid
    -ended flexibility of work requirement
    -takes single parents out of home


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