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  1. types of welfare programs
  2. before the welfare state
  3. what are poverty stats based on?
  4. The General Revenue Fund
  5. who sets the standards for emission limits regarding air pollution
  1. a -social security
    -Food Stamps
  2. b The General Revenue Fund: supports the most state programs.
  3. c TCEQ
  4. d a census and are reported after general population figures are made available
  5. e all charity was primarily privately ran

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  1. Used for purposes related to the construction and maintenance of highways and roads
  2. oversees state agencies to ensure the legality of their expenditures
  3. -economic development
    -poverty and welfare
    -environmental protection
  4. recruiting new industries
    -government installations
    -encourage the expansion of small businesses
    -foster a "good" business environment
  5. social programs that provide assistance to people on the basis of demonstrated need rather than any contribution they have made
    examples:TANF, Medicaid

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  1. Regressive TaxA levy whose burden weighs more heavily on low-income groups than wealthy taxpayers

    Sales and excise tax
    Sales and excise taxes are regressive because lower-income individuals spend a greater proportion of their incomes on taxable items than do members of middle-and upper-income groups


  2. Five Major Revenue FundsThe Omnibus Tax Clearance Fund
    The General Revenue Fund
    The Available School Fund
    The Highway Motor Fuel Fund
    The State Highway Fund


  3. The Available School FundUsed for purposes related to the construction and maintenance of highways and roads


  4. Salesadded cents on almost everything you buy (hits the poor the hardest)
    A levy on the retail sale of taxable items
    Generates the most income of any tax in Texas

    State sets base rate at 6.25 percent
    Other units of local government may add as much as 2 percent
    Providing for an 8.25 percent sales tax rate in most areas of the state


  5. Edgewood ISD vs. Kirbyestablished that a persons benefits can not be taken away if qualified for without due process- in the form of a hearing


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