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  1. before the welfare state
  2. temporary assistance to needy families (TANF)
  3. The Omnibus Tax Clearance Fund
  4. Motor Vehicle Sales, Leases
  5. aid to families with dependent children
  1. a Money for the General Revenue Fund and the Available School Fund are allocated through the Omnibus Fund
  2. b federal block grant given to states to assist families in need (replaced AFDC in 1996)
  3. c Tax on the sale of a motor vehicle or a lease

    The rate is 6 1/4 percent and is calculated on the purchase price of the vehicle
  4. d all charity was primarily privately ran
  5. e a federally and state financed program for children living with parents or relatives who fall below state standards of need

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  1. followed categorical grants and was distributed by formula to state and local governments for whatever they needed or wanted
    -GRS ended for states in 1979 and for cities in 1986
  2. -the federal government
    -state governments
  3. $17,170
    -for a family of 3, for each additional member, add $3,480
  4. social programs that provide assistance to people on the basis of demonstrated need rather than any contribution they have made
    examples:TANF, Medicaid
  5. -social security
    -Food Stamps

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  1. Goldberg vs. Kellynow in the form of a debt card that is used to purchase food from grocery stores
    "lonestar card"


  2. Progressive TaxA levy whose burden weighs more heavily on persons earning higher incomes than it does on individuals making less money
    (luxury tax)


  3. The General Revenue FundThe Omnibus Tax Clearance Fund
    The General Revenue Fund
    The Available School Fund
    The Highway Motor Fuel Fund
    The State Highway Fund


  4. Medicaida federally and state financed, state operated program providing medical services to low income people


  5. Categorical grants-in-aid (federal grant)money given from the federal government to states and cities for specific programs or purposes


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