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  1. agency responsible for water
  2. Edgewood ISD vs. Kirby
  3. what are poverty stats based on?
  4. Proportional Tax
  5. four areas of public policy
  1. a parents of students in edgewood isd vs. texas comissioner of education, state of texas
  2. b a census and are reported after general population figures are made available
  3. c texas water development board
  4. d A levy that weighs equally on all persons, regardless of their income

    EX: Income tax without deductions or exemptions
  5. e -economic development
    -poverty and welfare
    -environmental protection

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  1. 1/4th of which goes to the Available School Fund

    The remainder to highways and roads
  2. added cents on almost everything you buy (hits the poor the hardest)
    A levy on the retail sale of taxable items
    Generates the most income of any tax in Texas

    State sets base rate at 6.25 percent
    Other units of local government may add as much as 2 percent
    Providing for an 8.25 percent sales tax rate in most areas of the state
  3. Federal funds
    Licenses and fees
    Interest and investment income
    Net lottery proceeds
    Land income
    Other nontax revenue
  4. no state as valorem tax shall be levied upon any property within the state
    -as a result, the state may not set any state wide property tax on all properties within the state
    -as a result localities must set their own tax rates to accumulate the needed funds to provide an education to students
  5. TCEQ

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  1. federal environmental policies-safe drinking water act of 1974
    -clean water act of 1977
    -clean air act of 1990


  2. Non-tax Revenue-federal grants
    -the lottery
    -college tuition and user fees
    -drivers licenses fees
    -fishing licenses fees


  3. goals and successes of TANFequality of opportunity
    assisting the poor
    relieve poverty
    (all controversial)


  4. the 3 factors of financeSales
    Motor Fuels
    Motor Vehicle Sales, Leases
    Tobacco and Alcohol
    Insurance Occupation


  5. Five Major Revenue FundsThe General Revenue Fund: supports the most state programs.


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