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  1. general revenue sharing (federal grant)
  2. Sales
  3. economic development does the texas legislature favor economic development and a good business environment
  4. The State Highway Fund
  5. comptroller
  1. a responsible for tax collection, investments, and the safeguarding of public funds.
  2. b yes
  3. c Used for purposes related to the construction and maintenance of highways and roads
  4. d added cents on almost everything you buy (hits the poor the hardest)
    A levy on the retail sale of taxable items
    Generates the most income of any tax in Texas

    State sets base rate at 6.25 percent
    Other units of local government may add as much as 2 percent
    Providing for an 8.25 percent sales tax rate in most areas of the state
  5. e followed categorical grants and was distributed by formula to state and local governments for whatever they needed or wanted
    -GRS ended for states in 1979 and for cities in 1986

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  1. boom and bust economy, big spending needs, reluctance to increase taxes
  2. TCEQ
  3. all charity was primarily privately ran
  4. established that a persons benefits can not be taken away if qualified for without due process- in the form of a hearing
  5. 1/4th of which goes to the Available School Fund

    The remainder to highways and roads

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  1. Who collects the money?The comptroller
    The auditor


  2. Types of Taxesgeneral sales tax
    Severance taxes on oil and gas production
    Motor vehicle sales and rental
    Motor fuels tax
    Taxes on alcohol and tobacco products
    Insurance company tax
    Utility taxes


  3. contributory programsocial programs that provide assistance to people on the basis of demonstrated need rather than any contribution they have made
    examples:TANF, Medicaid


  4. aid to families with dependent childrena federally and state financed program for children living with parents or relatives who fall below state standards of need


  5. where do the majority of pollutants come from?landfills


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