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  1. how does texas rank in the us for air quality?
  2. Revenue: Nontax sources
  3. goals and successes of TANF
  4. Edgewood ISD vs. Kirby
  5. Article VII, Section 1
  1. a no state as valorem tax shall be levied upon any property within the state
    -as a result, the state may not set any state wide property tax on all properties within the state
    -as a result localities must set their own tax rates to accumulate the needed funds to provide an education to students
  2. b Federal funds
    Licenses and fees
    Interest and investment income
    Net lottery proceeds
    Land income
    Other nontax revenue
  3. c parents of students in edgewood isd vs. texas comissioner of education, state of texas
  4. d 50th (more than the 2nd and 3rd offenders put together)
  5. e -reduce welfare caseloads, promote work and reduce out-of-wedlock-births
    -"reducing poverty" is not listed? wat?
    -has decreased the number of americans on welfare (60%) has increased the number of those returning to work by providing transportation funds and temporary shelters

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  1. recruiting new industries
    -government installations
    -encourage the expansion of small businesses
    -foster a "good" business environment
  2. a federally and state financed, state operated program providing medical services to low income people
  3. 1/4th of which goes to the Available School Fund

    The remainder to highways and roads
  4. federal block grant given to states to assist families in need (replaced AFDC in 1996)
  5. Money for the General Revenue Fund and the Available School Fund are allocated through the Omnibus Fund

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  1. Social Securitycontributory program in which one pays into and then can later draw from when they hit retirement age


  2. land quality problems in texas1)water quality
    2)water supply
    3) water damage


  3. Goldberg vs. Kellyestablished that a persons benefits can not be taken away if qualified for without due process- in the form of a hearing


  4. Salestax on the production of oil, gas, and other minerals


  5. what is the median household income for texas?-$40,934
    -5th poorest state in the US


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