major systems,organs, and functions

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transports oxygen, nutrients, wastes; helps regulate body temperature; collects fluid lost from blood vessels and returns it to circulatory system.
Herat,blood vesseles,blood,lymph nodes and vessels


Breaks down and absorbs nutrients, salts, and water; eliminates some wastes
Mouth,esophages,stomach,liver, pancreas, samll and large intestine


Influences growth, development, metabolism, helps maintain homeostasis
-hypothalamus,pituitary,endocrine glands


Eliminates waste products; helps maintain homeostasis
-kidneys,urinary bladder,ureters,urethra


Protects against disease; stores and generates white blood cells
-white blood cells,lymph nodes,and vessels,skin


Acts as a barrier against infection, injury, UV radiation; helps regulate body temperature


Produces voluntary and involuntary movements; helps to circulate blood and move food through digestive system.
-Skeletal,smooth, and cardiac muscle tissue


Regulates body's response to changes in internal and external environment; processes information
-brain,spinal cord,sense organs


Produces reproductive cells; in females, provides environment for embryo
-Testes,penis,ovaries, uterus


brings in O2 for cells; expels CO2 and water vapor
-lungs,nose,mouth, trachea


Supports and protects vital organs; allows movement; stores minerals; serves as the site for red blood cell production
-bones and joints


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