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Science Chapter 11 Test

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  1. What does Bernoulli's principle state?
  2. As elevation increases, pressure
  3. What does Pascal's Principle state?
  4. What is a fluid?
  5. What does Archimedes' principle state?
  1. a decreases
  2. b a material that can easily flow
  3. c when a force applied to a confined fluid the change is pressure is equally transmitted through the fluid.
  4. d The faster the fluid moves, the less pressure it exerts within the fluid.
  5. e that the buoyant force that is acting on an object is equal to the weight of the water that is displaced

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  1. Pascals
  2. The amount of force exerted on a surface
  3. equal to its own volume.
  4. if it would sink or float.
  5. chimneys, planes (flying disks), and atomizers

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  1. As depth in water increases, pressureincreases


  2. A partly submerged object displaces an amount of liquid...equal to its own volume.


  3. what is the formula for pressure?mass/volume


  4. When will an object float?the amount of water the ship displaces increases the buoyant force and therefore has a net force greater upwards than down.


  5. What is buoyancy?a material that can easily flow


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