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  1. data mining
  2. management tools
  3. grant option
  4. concurrency control
  5. fat "thick" client
  1. a the process of managing simultaneous operations on the database without having them interfere with one another
  2. b -WITH GRANT OPTION permits a user to pass privileges to another user
  3. c Extraction: Pulling data from existing systems.
    Transformation: Data must be standardized and follow consistent coding schemes.
    Cleaning: Removing errors, inconsistencies, or redundancies.
    Loading: Copying operational data in the data warehouse (archival, current, or ongoing).
    Scheduling: Refreshing the warehouse.
    Metadata: Data dictionary containing facts about the data in the warehouse.
  4. d the search for relationships and patterns that exist in large databases but are hidden in the vast amounts of data
  5. e the client in the two-tier model of C\S is also called a ____ ____, because most of the processing runs on the client side

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  1. is supperior for handling large scale internet and intranet applications
  2. ensures that every row has a unique, non-null primary key.
  3. -no other transaction can issure either a slock or xlock on that item. before a transaction can write to a database item, it must be granted Xlock on that item
  4. Data Definition language- used to define a database
  5. -removes privaledges, When a user's privileges are revoked, so are all those privileges which were passed on by this user.

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  1. 2 tieris supperior for handling large scale internet and intranet applications


  2. DMLData Definition language- used to define a database


  3. entitiesthese are the basic building blocks of a data model. they are the things about which data should be stored, something we need to describe. its the same as a table


  4. indexan ______ helps you speed up retrieval. You should ____ a column if you use it frequently and easy access is desired


  5. 3rd normal forma table that is in 2NF for which no non-PK column is transitively dependent on the PK
    In other words, the 3NF is violated when a non-PK column is a fact about another non-PK column


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