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  1. Normative Influence
  2. Fast Approaching Deadline
  3. Repetition with Variation
  4. Convert Communicators
  5. Heuristic/Systematic Model
  1. a Theory that posits two routes to persuasion, via either conscious or automatic processing
  2. b People perceived as credible sources because they are arguing against their own previously held attitudes and behaviors
  3. c Going along with the crowd to be liked and accepted
  4. d The offer on the table is only valid for a brief period of time
  5. e Repeating the same information, but in a varied format

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  1. A tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful thinking, analysis and mental problem solving
  2. The assumption that because people have one desirable trait, people also possess many other desirable traits
  3. Degree to which people expect an issue to have significant consequences for their own lives
  4. Captures peoples attention by making a novel request, Presents the message in an unusual fashion
  5. Theory that posits two routes to persuasion via either conscious or automatic processing

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  1. Pluralistic IgnoranceOutwardly going along with the group but maintaining a private inner belief that the group is wrong


  2. Bait-and-SwitchAn attempt to change a persons attitude


  3. Central Route of Persuasion (Systematic Processing)Involves careful and thoughtful consideration of the content of the message (conscious processing)


  4. Social InfluenceThe perceived opinions and expectations of the social environment


  5. Door-in-the-face TechniqueStart with a small request to gain eventual compliance with a larger request


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