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  1. Group Norms
  2. Legitimization of Paltry Favors Technique
  3. Need for Cognition
  4. Sleeper Effect
  5. Peripheral Route (Heuristic Processing)
  1. a The beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accept as normal
  2. b request that indicates any amount of help/aid is acceptable
  3. c The route to persuasion that involves some simple cue such as attractiveness of the source (automatic processing)
  4. d Over time people separate the message from the messanger
  5. e A tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful thinking, analysis and mental problem solving

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  1. Whether you "get" (pay attention to, understand) the message
  2. How much a source knows
  3. The offer on the table is only valid for a brief period of time
  4. Theory that posits two routes to persuasion via either conscious or automatic processing
  5. Inattention and irritation that occurs after an audience has encountered some advertisement too many times

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  1. Personal RelevanceDegree to which people expect an issue to have significant consequences for their own lives


  2. Pique TechniqueStart with a low-cost request that is likely to result in a "yes," and than later revealing hidden true costs


  3. TrustworthinessWhether a source will honestly tell you what he or she knows


  4. Stealing ThunderRevealing potentially incriminating evidence first to negate its impact


  5. Halo EffectOver time people separate the message from the messanger


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