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  1. cephalic
  2. atherosclerosis
  3. hypertrophy
  4. cephalodynic
  5. cerebrospinal
  1. a pertaining to head pain
  2. b overdevelopment, increase in size
  3. c pertaining to the head
  4. d pertaining to the cerebrum and spine
  5. e hardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growths

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  1. three-layered membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord
  2. tumor of a gland or glandular tissue
  3. fatty tissue tumor found in blood cells
  4. the science that studies tumors
  5. largest part of the brain includes the frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes

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  1. cerebritistumor of the cerebrum


  2. metastasistumor that spreads beyond its origin


  3. hypotrophyoverdevelopment, increase in size


  4. antineoplasticagent that works against tumor growth


  5. encephalomyelopathydisease condition of the brain and spinal cord


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