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  1. adenitis
  2. meningocele
  3. electroencephalograph
  4. neoplasm
  5. cerebroma
  1. a tumor of the cerebrum
  2. b herniation of the meninges
  3. c inflammation of a gland
  4. d instrument used to turn brain waves into electrical patterns showing a picture of changes in activity
  5. e new growth

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  1. pertaining to newborn
  2. cancer of epithelial tissue
  3. overdevelopment, increase in size
  4. softening of brain tissue
  5. mucous membrane

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  1. cephalodynicpertaining to the head


  2. hypotrophyunderdevelopment, decrease in size


  3. lymphadenopathydisease condition of the lymph glands


  4. cranioplastyincision into the skull


  5. craniumskull


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