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  1. lipoma
  2. lymphadenopathy
  3. cerebrum
  4. cerebral
  5. neurodiagnostic
  1. a disease condition of the lymph glands
  2. b pertaining to the cerebrum
  3. c pertaining to diagnostic studies performed to examine the nervous system by detecting electrical changes
  4. d largest part of the brain includes the frontal, temporal, and occipital lobes
  5. e fatty tissue tumor

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  1. serous membrane
  2. physician specialist in disease involving tumors
  3. abnormal growth of tissue
  4. instrument used to measure the size of the skull
  5. mucous membrane

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  1. cerebritispertaining to the cerebrum


  2. adenomafatty tissue tumor found in blood cells


  3. cephalalgiapertaining to the head


  4. hypertensionhigh blood pressure


  5. antineoplasticsurgical repair of the skull


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