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  1. hypotension
  2. lipoid
  3. encephalomeningitis
  4. craniotomy
  5. cerebritis
  1. a incision into the skull
  2. b inflammation of the brain and meninges
  3. c inflammation of the cerebrum
  4. d resembling fat
  5. e low blood pressure

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  1. to spread beyond its origin
  2. skull
  3. the science that studies tumors
  4. tumor involving growth of melanocytes
  5. softening of the skull

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  1. cephalalgiapertaining to the head


  2. metastaticpertaining to a metastasis or metastases


  3. neurodiagnosticpertaining to diagnostic studies performed to examine the nervous system by detecting electrical changes


  4. sarcomaserous membrane


  5. encephalomalaciasoftening of brain tissue


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