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  1. encephalomeningitis
  2. cranioplasty
  3. lymphadenopathy
  4. craniectomy
  5. neoplasm
  1. a surgical repair of the skull
  2. b disease condition of the lymph glands
  3. c new growth
  4. d excision of part of the skull
  5. e inflammation of the brain and meninges

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  1. inflammation of the meninges
  2. herniation of the meninges
  3. instrument used to measure the size of the skull
  4. electrical diagnostic testing (imaging) of nervous system function
  5. inflammation of a gland

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  1. melanomatumor involving growth of melanocytes


  2. electroencephalographtracing (picture) showing brain wave activity


  3. hypotensionlow blood pressure


  4. carcinomacancer of epithelial tissue


  5. adenectomyexcision of a gland


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