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Medical Terminology Unit 3 Test

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  1. hypertension
  2. meninges
  3. craniomalacia
  4. electroneuordiagnostic
  5. glandular
  1. a high blood pressure
  2. b softening of the skull
  3. c three-layered membrane surrounding the brain and spinal cord
  4. d electrical diagnostic testing (imaging) of nervous system function
  5. e pertaining to a gland

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. pertaining to the cerebrum
  2. cancer of connective tissue
  3. inflammation of the meninges
  4. tumor involving growth of melanocytes
  5. herniation of the meninges

5 True/False Questions

  1. lipomaresembling fat


  2. atheromatumor of a gland or glandular tissue


  3. oncologyphysician specialist in disease involving tumors


  4. cerebrospinalpertaining to the cerebrum and spine


  5. metastasispertaining to a metastasis or metastases


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